Regulative principle intoxication

Hare Krishna!!
Please let me know What will happen to those person who do pooja daily and do 2-4 rounds of japa and also do Ekadashi fast and he has no desire.. he do his duties without ego  selfless desire but occasionally drink liquor in party with Freinds in get together during some events .
1 .What sinful reaction will get to these person ?
2.does his devotion service vanquished 
3. Does he got animal birth in next life ?


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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna dear devotees,


    After reading all the posts on this discussion thread that Bharat prabhu so patiently and lucidly explained, I have just one point to add.

    If the devotee is drinking and also chanting...gradually Krsna will bestow His mercy on the devotee in this lifetime itself, by giving him opportunity to give up alcohol. Such opportunity can be in the form of all friends turning against him for some reason (fair weather friends), or his facing such extreme situation wherein he will himself not drink (maybe lack of money or health). I dont mean to scare anyone, all I am saying is that if faced with these situations, consider them lord's mercy acting upon us and keep the faith, learn the lesson and improve.

    I have also faced situations wherein it took all my strength to inform concerned (at work) that I will not eat cakes and pastries with egg, or vegeterian food with onion garlic. This courage is required only once prabhu. Once we have taken the step, friends fall in line, and they support. Who knows, some of the friends may even become interested in Krsna Consciousness. 

    If the devotee is sincere to give up drinking, he can start making excuses - health reasons, long drive back reasons....whatever. Alternate to drinking/ pretending to drink, but actually not drinking.....there are so many ways. Like it is said - where there is a will, there is a way. But if the will itself is missing, and the devotee thinks - this lifetime I will spend like this, next lifetime I should get birth in devotee family if Krsna wants me to come back to him, it is not the right attitude/ consciousness. Who knows in the next lifetime, Kaliyuga may be more set, even in devotee family it may be difficult to pray.

    Dont we know of children born to devotees, who do not take to devotion after growing up? 

    Once one has tasted nectar of holy name in this lifetime, one should try to progress and perfect in this lifetime itself. Why wait for next life?


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Mata ji  . 
      I have told if next life  born in devotee family then from starting point will avoid alcohol as that will not in culture 

      I will hate alcohol if we born devotee family...

      this life I want to do but as told due to social and Freind pressure very difficult, also I did not found any logical reason to avoid drink if someone drink in limited and not doing any abusive and wrong things 

      I left non veg 4 years back and it has been 4 years I never touch non veg food as there is logical reason why to kill someone as everyone has souls so why I will make my stomach graveyard.. so it has logical reason 

      so if there is logical reason then mind easily understand and you can do things very easily.. now I don't like non-veg 

      i ageee if we need to Bhakti we need to follow 4 regultive principles but if someone not follow then got or material agen should not so restrict to give punishment to person who drink although he did not harm to anyone 

      He will get punishment of hell and  animal birth that does not look right 

      if person do excessive drinking or addiction he will get punishment in this life only by health problem 

      but person who drink very rare and occasionally they why he get punishment of hell and animal birth ?



      • E-Counselor

        Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


        So now you have come to the crux of the problem - the will to give up alcohol is not there, simply because "so if there is logical reason then mind easily understand and you can do things very easily.. now I don't like non-veg'

         Your mind is not accepting why to give up alcohol, because the reason is not understood. 

        The reason - if a person drinks, even under control, limited amount which is called social drinking, and not for love of alcohol, still it has the ability to make us habituated. I am sure you would be aware of families drinking tea coffee and getting addicted so much so that even during fasts, ladies will drink their tea/ coffee.

        Even if I accept your argument that it is not addictive for you because you are drinking in moderation, it is changing/ affecting/ altering/ diverting your consciousness from Krsna to friends. So effectively, what you are saying is that friends are more important than Krsna. Because you are a good person, praying everyday and chanting everyday, you should be excused little indiscretion. 

        Like a mother who wants to keep her child squeeqy clean, Krsna wants His devotees to be bereft of any blemishes. The attraction should be only towards Krsna, not towards anything else. Vyavasayatmika budhih - the profit mentality of a businessman - the businessman may apparently be doing a lot of things which are not directly related to his work, but all of it is done with the sole intention of flourishing his business - like maybe a team building picnic arranged by the office, or a office lunch or dinner arranged by the office. 

        Think about it - is social drinking with friends more important than re establishing lost relationship with Krsna, with demonstrating to Krsna that I will not stop at anything, even my social life, to make You my priority. Would it not be possible for you to keep association of devotees, so that you can socialise and still not have to drink? 

        Once you start chanting, you are an ambassador of Krsna. Would you like it if you heard a comment like - this person is Krsna devotee, see how nicely he is drunk. For him, its more important to enjoy with friends. Such a person is a devotee?

        I am sure you would have heard all these and more arguments like this in your journey towards Krsna consciousness. Still I could not resist giving this reply.


        Your servant,

        Radha Rasamayi DD

        • Hare Krishna mata ji 

          you are absolutely right !! That devotee should leave all these bad habits 

          so for that

          1 . Break friendship with all freinds, if you don't go to events then obviously friendship will finished 

          2 so looks happiness in Krishna happiness! Which is completely devotion service 

          3. Feel depressed and sad without Freinds 

          4 . No outing and enjoy in life

          5 . material world is like jail and by this looks I will make complete jail only

          I don't understand god or his agents command that thing only don't happy and make enjoy in this jail 

          just do Bhakti and come back to me!!

          I know this is spiritual science where we need to clean ourselves to go back to god .this material world it like trapped 

          This material world is like trapped that why people keep coming in this trapped as  few only get out from this trapped!! 

          am not totally drunker once in 2 months due to family Freinds event!! 

          so i think I need to take birth in some bharamarn family only then only looks feasible as we are staying out of India , if we don't to my children Freinds house and there family then children also feel sad and we also become depressed !!


          • E-Counselor

            Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


            Why so insecure that all friends will break up merely because you will not sit and drink with them? That the only happiness in this "jail" is to be with such friends, who are "glass mates". You think these friends will be with you when you need them, if their only yardstick is whether you drink wiht them or not.

            Please come to Chennai, I will invite you to our preaching program. All age groups, all education levels - how harmoniously happy everyone is, helping each other to their capacity and interest, no consideration of rich or poor.. simply happy to do devotion together. We lead our lives,go to work, earn money, take our children to park, beach, mall, even occassional movie which they think is educational for children, attend each other's functions, whether at home or in some common place.....the works. I am sorry, I am not trying to brag. All I am trying to tell you is - if you make Krsna your priority, He will ensure that you have whatever you need. Yogakshemam Vahamyaham - I protect what you have and provide what you lack. Its not that nobody has any setbacks or challenges - we pray for them or their known people at such times and try to support in whatever way we can prabhu. 

            Since today is Hanuman Jayanti, let me give you a parallel between Manthara in Ayodhya and Vibhishan in Lanka. Manthara was in Ayodhya - the land of the lord, among all devotees of the lord. But her conscousness could not be changed due to her envy and she managed to poison Kaikeyi's mind as well. Whereas Vibhishan was brother of mighty Ravana, in Lanka, the only devotee, but still was Ram Conscious. He had written the name of Ram on the walls of his house, which even we dont do. My point is - it doesnt matter whether we are born in brahmana family or we are in the midst of demons or devotees, our consciousness is our responsibility. It is our consciousness which will make us devotee, not our birth or physical location. 

            Please dont wait for someone to come and change your consciousness, or for your circumstances to change. Obstacles we face in devotion are there only to make our resolve stronger. Once we have become resolute enough, those obstacles simply dissolve. 

            I am in Krsna Consciousness for more than 35 years, have experienced practically everything that one goes through. I was pretty sure from my childhood that I will make friends only with people who can accept my devotion to Krsna. I have a lot of acquaintances as well who appreciate and respect my path and choices. 

            There is a deeper issue here  -  please address that prabhu.


            Your servant,

            Radha Rasamayi DD

            • Thank you mata ji for your guidance and wonderful suggestion!!

              marta ji you are considering wrong .. these are not glassmates! I am staying in Boston with my wife and 2 kids , my daughter do japa daily with me .. it feels so good that she is taking god name and devotion in such early age . She is 7 year old

              so sometimes  my kids Freind parents invite us for potluck party or dinner party in our neighborhood.. here we are very limited Indian. So we go to dinner party ,, they are not glassmates .. all family are lovely neighborhoods. They helped each other and one of my neighbors frend is doctor and during dinner party or  some birthday party in evenings its vey common to drink and if I say no then looks very awkward to them like  in party every one has glass in hand . If I don't take then I feel I will not enjoy in that event. I don't know what to do in such case , as I can't say i will not come to party .. looks not good if we are statying aboard with limited Indian neighborhoods friend..

              i discussed with wife also many times if we are doing devotion then we should stop these drink also but  not able to understand how we stop in such party 

              Still not able  to understand how to handle this drinking issue.. only way should I stop going to such potluck or dinner parties  that also mind not agree as it family want to enjoy with neighborhoods freinds!


              • E-Counselor

                Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


                 I am happy to be corrected and happy to note that the people are nice genuine people who all are forming a support base in a foreign land together. Yes, you must go to these get togethers. Is it not possible that you try at least once - today I dont want to drink (whatever reason you can think of - today is ekadasi, or this month I decided to abstain, health reason or anything you know will not be eyebrow raising). Try prabhu. I am sure you can sit and sip some soft drink among them, without them feeling you are not with them.

                In the pot luck, ensure that whatever you take is offered to the deities in your house first and make everyone have prasadam. If its ekadasi, make something which is ekadasi praadam and take that after offering. Slowly the consciousness of these people, who I suspect may be already favourable, will improve. I am sorry, I can see a lot of preaching opportunity there. Boston has a good devotee community, as far as I know. 

                If possible, if you go to local ISKCON temple, or you know any devotee family who stay nearby, maybe you can invite them to this pot luck and make them speak with these families in friendly manner, not like a class. See if anyone is interested, then start taking them for ISKCON programs. This way, infiltrate the present group with devotees and this drinking problem can be dovetailed into service towards the lord, spreading His glories in your group. 

                Whenever anything good happens, thank God publicly. If bad is happening, pray publicly in front of everyone, chanting mahamantra once. Tell openly, this is what works for me. If you believe in anyone else, you please take that name. We pray together. This way, you are spreading positivity everywhere. 

                You would be surprised how many will start appreciating what you are doing. Who knows, the entire circle may be future devotees, waiting for you to start discussing Krsna Consciousness to reignite their journey back to Krsna. 

                Prabhu, I am not asking or forcing you to follow anything that I am saying. I see a lot of preaching opportunity there, esp in today's times, when Sanatan is back in fashion. So if you say something like Jai Shri Ram, I dont think Indian community would feel offended in today's times. 

                I dont think I mentioned before - while conversing with you on this discussion thread, I am able to see your desire for Krsna Consiousness. Very encouraged to note that your daughter also chants. Dandvat pranams to her and to you for guiding her so nicely.


                Your servant,

                Radha Rasamayi DD

      • "so if there is logical reason then mind easily understand"

        Logical reasons: even small amounts of drugs are bad for the gross and esp. subtle body (an attraction for subtle entities), 'small' tends to grow bigger, one can't drink and drive, some medicines can't be mixed with alcohol and other drugs, slower reactions, decreased balance, etc.

        "but person who drink very rare and occasionally they why he get punishment of hell and animal birth ?"

        Sastras don't discriminate between occasional and regular drinking.

        One way to avoid the social drinking is to avoid the drinking company or to drink only non-alcoholic drinks.

        If one is actually motivated to stop intoxication, there are proven ways. Here's one:

        A person I know (not a hearsay) did an ibogaine 3-day treatment and lost taste to alcohol, cigarettes and milk products, becoming a vegan. Ibogaine is a plant drug illegal in some places though. Proper amounts are important, can't be done at home. It resets the subtle body which the general anti-drug treatment can't do, although it's very expensive, time-consuming and ineffective (under 15% cured cases only).

        Hari Hari
        ys J.

        • Hare Krishna!!

          as  god told to Arjun shatriya go to heavenly planets if they fight for dharma either win or loss

          so my question is about Indian army soldiers if they fight for Indian country and occasionally drink also on Indian army party so will they go to hell or heavenly planet and will they become animal next life ?


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