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When I turned fifty, I had my highest salary ever, I worked less than ever, I still had a nice relationship with my wife (in Kali Yuga unbelievably), and I was a respected member of both karmi society and ISKCON. I was a rajadvipa – king of my island. I built two guest houses along with the house I lived in, and Bhakti Vikasa Swami, my Guru Maharaja, used to joke, “From householder you became houses holder.”
My move to the vanaprastha ashram was therefore no escape from material life, and it

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Friendship Group by Radha Mohan


The Friendship Group is a weekly gathering aimed at devotees who are at least 50 years old. It is an opportunity for participants to socialise and keep active within a devotional environment.

Members learn from each other and make new friends. The activities, such as Chair Yoga is a practical way to keep fit, and activities such as puzzles, games and quizzes can be great fun. Upon arrival, simple refreshments are available, and there are kirtans, bhajans and other devotional activities. They th

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On May 7, 2024, religious leaders from a broad range of traditions gathered with the Catholic Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Mexico City for an evening of Interreligious Prayer. Among the key participants was Anuradha Devi Dasi representing ISKCON Mexico City, alongside Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, and Sikh leaders.

The convocation occurred under the direction of the Commission for Interreligious Dialogue and Communion (CEDIC) together with the Primate Archdiocese of Mexico, which foc

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By Giridhari Dasa 

The Italian Yatra of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) recently celebrated a significant milestone: the 50th anniversary of the installation of the deities Sri Sri Gaura Nitai in Rome, Italy. The celebrations spanned two days, May 18th and 19th, at Prabhupada Desh, a temple near Venice where Sri Sri Gaura Nitai have resided since 1992.

The gathering commemorated the momentous moment on May 25th, 1974, when Srila Prabhupada personally cooked for the

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Smiles by Bhaktimarga Swami


I was on that same route again today - Bloor St. I bumped into Ambika from South America. She is one of our actresses in the bhakti dramas and she is so good. We chatted. I also came upon another acquaintance - Digvijayi, at a restaurant where they have the entire window open. From the street level I could talk over the table to say some encouraging words.

There were just so many smiles coming from pedestrians. It was 20* celsius. By the time I reached the park at Christie Pits so many folks

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Sometimes I hear devotees say that they have been chanting Hare Krishna for thirty or forty years or more, and are still waiting to feel the taste for it, or the ecstasy from chanting, or from doing devotional service. I even heard where some devotee workshops were saying that it is not uncommon that devotees do not feel this bliss even after years of chanting, and that sometimes people leave the movement because they don’t feel the higher taste. They did not get what they expected. But the cur

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Question: Spiritual wisdom-traditions often glorify forgiveness as a virtue, but isn’t it impractical and foolish to forgive someone who repeatedly hurts us?



When someone hurts us, forgiving that person is our best response. But often our indignant emotions make us overlook the subtle but vital line that differentiates forgiving a person from trusting a person: forgiveness is for the past; trust is for the future. We are urged to immediately forgive, but not immediately trust, the wron

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On May 19th, the Bhaktivedanta Research Center (BRC) announced the release of two new courses which delve into the rich traditions of Western and Indian Philosophy. BRC gathered expert scholars from top universities such as Jawaharlal Nehru University, IIT Bombay, Jadavpur University, and others.

The courses offer profound insights and thought-provoking discussions for both seasoned philosopher or curious learners. To expand your horizons and deepen your understanding, please visit the videos

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In response to the intense heat wave gripping Mayapur, the Mayapur Clean & Green initiative, under the leadership of Murari Mohini Devi Dasi, has launched a proactive campaign to strategically position clay water pots throughout the area to mitigate the impact of the soaring temperatures on cows and other animals.

Many living entities in Sridham Mayapur are visibly distressed due to the heat and are struggling to find water in the dry conditions. To address this issue, the MCG initiative has co

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By Atma Tattva Das

In the heart of New York’s concrete jungle, devotee musician Premananda Kirtan Das orchestrates spirituality and creativity into harmonious melodies. With his music, he doesn’t just entertain; he enlightens. In an ISKCON News interview, he shared insights into his creative process, his spiritual journey, and the profound interplay between the two.

Born in South Africa, Premananda draws from his roots in Bhakti yoga to weave devotional themes into his compositions, guiding his

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It is always good news when you hear a new baby is born, especially to able parents. Such is the case in the community. News also gets around that one of our members perished. If we are looking at an elderly person it is less heart-breaking than when we hear of a young person who hasn't had a full chance at life. There is always a big smile on someone's face when he/she announces "I've got my PR, permanent resident status," or when someone tells me, "I just graduated" or "I got hired and the p

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Before Lord Caitanya appeared He sent His eternal associates like Sri Advaita Acarya, Sri Jagannatha Misra, Saci Mata, Madhavendra Puri, Isvari Puri to earth. Sri Madhavendra Puri took initiation from Sri Laksmipati Tirtha in the Madhvacarya sampradaya.

He had many but Sri Advaita Acarya and Sri Isvara Puri were the chief disciples of Madhavendra Puri. In one way or another, all the Vaisnavas in Bengal and Ksetra mandala (Jagan­natha Puri) were connected with Sri Madhavendra Puri. After Lord Ca

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Appearance of Srila Srinivas Acharya

4811078682?profile=RESIZE_584xMay 7– Appearance of Srila Srinivas Acharya

Srila Prabhupada gives the significance of his Eight Prayers to the Six Gowami’s of Vrindaban–HDGSP states the ‘Prayers’ teach ‘Worship in Separation’–and HDGSP describes Srinivas’s ‘Incredible Response to Haridas Thakur’s Samadhi’—-

[Srinivasa Acarya].
I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Six Gosvamis, namely Sri Rupa Gosvami, Sri Sanatana Gosvami, Sri Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami, Sri Raghunatha dasa Gosvami, Sri Jiva Gosvami, and Sri Gopala Bhatta

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Appearance of Srila Madhvendra Puri


May 7 – Appearance of Srila Madhvendra Puri

“Sri Madhavendra Puri, a great devotee and acarya in the line of devotees, says, ‘O Lord, in my prayers three times a day, all glory to You. O Bathing, I offer my obeisances unto You. O demigods, O forefathers, please excuse me for my inability to offer you my respects. Now wherever I sit I am able to remember the great descendant of the Yadu dynasty, Krsna, the enemy of Kamsa, and therefore I can get myself free from all sinful bondage. I think this

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Sri Nrsimhapalli is located on the eastern and southern boundaries of Navadvipa Dhama and is known by the names Nrsimha Puri and Devapalli (neighbourhood of the Devas). This temple is famous since Satya-yuga when Lord Nrsimhadeva came here to take rest and wash the blood from His hands after b
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We shall read from Srimad-Bhagavatam, Canto Five, Chapter Eighteen: “The Residents of Jambudvipa Offer Prayers,” from the series of prayers recited by Prahlada Maharaja to Lord Nrsimhadeva. Text 8 is a very important prayer, or mantra, and in it many words are repeated, which gives them great emphasis.


om namo bhagavate narasimhaya namas tejas-tejase avir-avirbhava vajra-nakha vajra-damstra karmasayan randhaya randhaya tamo grasa grasa om svaha; abhayam abhayam atmani bhuyistha om ksraum

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Prahlada said: O Supreme Lord! I bow down to You. O Lord Nrsimhadeva, I offer my obeisances to You. I am Your devotee. O Lord of lords, I now express to You my heartfelt inquiry. O Lord, how did I develop such intense devotion for You? O my Lord, kindly tell me-how did I become Your exalted devotee?

Lord Narasimhadeva said: O greatly learned one! O my son, listen carefully as I explain to you the reason for your devotion to Me that has made you very dear to Me.

In the ancient times, you were bo

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In the mood of visiting the Dham when you can’t physically go to the Dham, GBC Strategic Planning Team (SPT) is bringing the Dham to you. Urging you all to fire up your phone or computer and join us on a special tour to the sacred pastime places of Sri Nrisimhadeva with Chandan Yatra Das.


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Hare Krishna. Pranams. All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.

For the pleasure of the devotees this coming Nrsimha Caturdasi, below is Chapter 231 of the Garuda purana, where Mahadeva Shiva calls on Lord Narasimhadeva.

(The Matrgana’s mentioned in this story are eight goddesses produced from the bodies of Vishnu, Shiva and six other main deities during the killing of a powerful demon called Andhaka. Their origin is recounted in the Varaha-purana.)

1. Suta said: O Saunaka, I shall now mention

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(These prayers are from the 47th chapter of the Harivamsa Purana which narrates the story of Lord Ramacandra’s visit to the holy place of Ahobalam to see the Deity of Nrisimha, where Lord Nrisimha appeared and saved His devotee Prahlada.)

ahobalam narasimham gatva ramah pratapavan

namaskutya sri nrisimham astaushit kamala patim

The glorious Rama once visited Ahobala where He saw the Deity of Lord Nrisimha. He
offered His obeisances to Lord Kamalapati (husband of the Goddess of Fortune) and

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