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By Jyotisvara Dasa

The international conference: "Sustainability, Spirituality, and Simplicity (3S): Environmental sustainability redefined through simple life practices and integrated spirituality" will be on 22nd-23rd May 2021 held virtually with morning and evening sessions. World-renowned experts in eco-theology, environmental sustainability, and scriptural knowledge from the United States, Australia, and India will participate as keynote speakers. The conference will have a blend of oral p

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From Back to Godhead 

Modern research is confirming the Vedic viewpoint that human life is meant for more than the pursuit of material pleasure.

Imagine a farmer who gets a Mercedes Benz as a gift. The only vehicle he has ever seen is a tractor, and the only purpose he knows for any vehicle is plowing. So he hitches a yoke to his new Mercedes and starts driving it over his field. Of course, not only does his attempt at plowing fail; his new car malfunctions. He becomes totally frustrated—with

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From Morality to Spirituality


Until people gain the spiritual inspiration that underlies truly good behavior, attempts to legislate morality will inevitably fail.

Daily news reports of things like corruption, nepotism, favoritism, and infidelity have us fed up. Politicians say, “Education in ethics and values is the solution. ” But don’t most people already know right from wrong? I think so. They just feel they’ll fare better in life without following moral codes. And exhortation by moralists o

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In our times, equality is considered one of the most cherished values. Few things provoke as much indignation as incidents of discrimination – or even allegations of discrimination. Such outrage is healthy, for it helps create a world where everyone has equal opportunities.
Still, what is the basis for our longing for equality? Intuition, we might say – we innately feel that everyone should be treated equally. Yes, but what is the basis of that intuition? In other words, what is the worldview t

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The English Dictionary defines the word “spiritual” as “Relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things”.

Now before we attempt to delve deeper into this topic, it is essential for us to understand as to who we actually are? The answer to this question will help us make sense of life, in the first place, and lead us to the gradual understanding of what truly is the goal of it. In other words,the more we discuss and brainstorm on our own identity, the

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