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From a series of lectures by HH Radhanath Swami, introducing the Spiritual Counselor System that has been successfully deployed at Sri Sri Radha-Gopinath Temple in Mumbai, Chowpatti.

Inroducing the Counselor System

Service To The Vaishnavas – The Highest Religious Principle

Vaisnavism has been manifested in its purest and most wonderful form through the love and teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates. The most beautiful aspect of Lord Caitanya’s pastimes is the loving interac

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When in danger, devotees of Lord Krishna naturally turn to His fiercest form for protection.

One of the most awe-inspiring of Lord Krishna’s forms is Sri Nrisimhadeva, His half-man, half-lion incarnation. Lord Nrisimha descended to protect His devotee Sri Prahlada Maharaja from the atheistic king Hiranyakashipu, Prahlada’s father.

The Boy Saint Prahlada

Sri Prahlada Maharaja was a devotee of Lord Krishna from birth, having acquired knowledge of devotional service in the womb. Once, during

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By Gandharvika prema Dasi

Devotees from Turkey and Hungary met in Istanbul so that they jointly distribute cooked food for the survivors in the most heavily damaged earthquake-stricken area in Turkey.

With permission from the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), the devotees will arrive to Antakya, Hatay province on Sunday, where they will prepare cooked food in a truck converted into a mobile kitchen and they will distribute it locally. The simple, nourishing food will help feed

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Devotees in Dnipro in Ukraine


Dnipro in Ukraine has a beautiful Hare Krishna Temple, a thousand devotees live in this city with beautiful Deities of Gaur Nitai and Jagannath, Baladev and Subadra. (The big Gaur Nitai have moved to a secret safe location.)

They have a traveling Sankirtan party and a big Prasad Distribution Initiative, it’s like going back in time to ISKCON in the old glory days. The devotees have such a welcoming mood, it is very humbling visiting this temple.

There are 150,000 refugees living in Dnipro as it

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10933606892?profile=RESIZE_584xHere is how the funds have been used:
By Doyal Gauranga Dasa
A complete solar power plant was already unloaded at New Mayapur yesterday. Tomorrow we start installation. We plan to install in a week. This station will provide all our emergency needs (water, heat, sewerage, communications). It will also become the basis of an autonomous system, where biogas generators and bulls will eventually be connected.
The biogas plant is already in operation, but without the equipment, which should arrive fr

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9867495692?profile=RESIZE_710xAll the wealth we can accrue from a whole lifetime of service is insignificant compared to the blessings of our spiritual master. It is blessings that are the principal factor and not only of our spiritual master but of the entire sampradaya, of the previous spiritual masters. One should however not jump over though. One should approach through the lineage and through the Vaisnavas and therefore, one has to become soft.

In the beginning, we make distinctions between Vaisnavas, thinking, “This Va

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Looking to post my daily Srila Prabhupada quote I stumbled upon the beautiful chapter 22 of canto 8, describing pastime of Bali Maharaj. It was amazing to read how Krishna expertly, what else can we expect from Him, bestows opulence on His aspiring devotees. On one hand He grants a lot to some while on the other hand He takes away everything from others.

It is a misplaced perception that Krishna does not grant opulence to His devotees, in fact His devotees receive limitless opulence, there are

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By Anuttama Dasa

Special Report: Devotees in Ukraine Continue On Despite Fears, Instability

February 25, 2022  3 PM EST

Members of the Governing Body Commission (GBC) were given a report by leaders aware of the Ukrainian situation earlier today. What follows are selected highlights of that report, with additional information provided by other devotees familiar with the current circumstances.

Thousands of devotees of Lord Krishna live in Ukraine, and they worship at approximately twenty ISKCON c

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Following my Bhakti Path



When first joining the Bhakti Centre I had so many devotees offering to help with my spiritual journey, that I did not know which direction to take. I was quite bewildered until I met Rasarani, a most advanced devotee who would come to be my Siska Guru. She told me I could follow a progressive path in Bhakti, and she would be my guide. 

My first and possibly most difficult challenge was to try to control the mind and senses, or Sraddha. Rasarani explained that she used small tokens to help her

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Increasing Our Taste In Spiritual Life



When first joining the Bhakti Centre I had so many devotees offering to help with my spiritual journey, that I did not know which direction to take. I was quite bewildered until I met Rasarani, a most advanced devotee who would come to be my Siska Guru. She told me I could follow a progressive path in Bhakti, and she would be my guide. 

My first and possibly most difficult challenge was to try to control the mind and senses, or Sraddha. Rasarani explained that she used small tokens to help her

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This year, ISKCON is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the appearance of its Founder-Acharya, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada – born in 1896 in Calcutta – with various efforts to honor him throughout the year.

On Saturday August 21st, ten days before Srila Prabhupada’s August 31st appearance day, devotees from the ISKCON Auckland congregation in New Zealand will hold Harinama Sankirtana in multiple suburbs around Auckland, as well as on the city’s main thoroughfare Queen

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Prabhupāda: So the devotees are protected by the Viṣṇudūtas always, constantly. They are invisibly wandering all over the universe. We may see or not see, because we cannot see spiritual body with these material eyes. So even we do not see, the Viṣṇudūta is always protecting the devotees from the enemies.

As I have explained yesterday, devotees will have enemies. Kṛṣṇa had enemies. This world is such: envious. Ordinarily, they are envious. The whole world is full of enviousness. Even the greate

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By Parijata Devi Dasi

The Devotee Care Directorate, together with GBC SPT is endeavoring to extend tribute to all the devotees in ISKCON who have unfortunately departed in the current pandemic due to Covid as well as non-Covid related death during this period (over the last year).

As part of this initiative, the Devotee Care team is compiling a consolidated list of these departed devotees from across the world; their names and photographs, and will display them on the official site: www.devotee

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Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura makes one statement which is a statement that should not be taken cheaply. He says that, “Generally, the vows of initiation are so powerful that they will be successful even if they are not followed perfectly.” Now that is not an excuse to not follow the vows perfectly. We cannot proceed as if, “That is interesting. Now I don’t have to be so fanatic.” No, that is not the meaning of that statement from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura. The meaning i

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By Radhapriya Chawla

The pandemic is heavily affecting ISKCON devotee communities around the world as there is lack of resources and access to medical equipment and facilities especially for those in rural devotee communities such as Mayapur and Bangladesh. Over 7000 devotee families in Mayapur and Bangladesh are struggling to feed and take care of their families because of the situation. It is heart-wrenching to see these devotees suffering, leaving their bodies, having no access to any basic

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By Kesava Krsna Dasa

There is a lot of emphasis nowadays on the need for love and trust among devotees. We can cite the six loving exchanges between us. We can also use the strength of the often quoted, “your love for me will be shown by how you cooperate.” In spite of our efforts to promote this ideal, can we ever expect a situation where love and trust dominates in all of our devotee interactions?

Are we too big as an organisation to assume that this will happen? Can each of us get by simply

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7158848479?profile=RESIZE_584xA thief while committing crime knows he will be punished if caught. And when he is caught and punished, he promises to himself and to the judge in the court that henceforth he will never steal. But as soon as he is out of jail he again begins stealing.

A student knows if he does not study, he will fail. An employee knows if he does not work sincerely, he will be fired. Many times we take a vow to not indulge in an act which may negatively impact us. But still we do it and we suffer.

We may wonde

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Friend Making by Bhaktimarga Swami


“What do you think about this scamdemic?” asked the cyclist who stopped upon seeing me.

Before I was to say something as a response I knew I was going to dialogue with a radical-thinker, who has his own views on Covid-19. I wanted to make sure to make a friend. That was the most important thing on my mind. After all I’m making some inroads toward pal-making on Bloor Street, mostly because of the fact that it’s the street I frequent as of late.

And so, for the dialogue, and my response:

“We are

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bfZIGbr.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xPlease join us to hear from Radhanath Swami on the Purpose #3 of ISKCON (To bring the members of the Society together with each other and nearer to Krishna, the prime entity, thus developing the idea within the members, and humanity at large, that each soul is part and parcel of the quality of Godhead (Krishna)
About Radhanath Swami
Radhanath Swami is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. He spent his youth wandering through disparate countries and cultures yearning for a

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