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Become regulated by Kadamba Kanana Swami

8044253088?profile=RESIZE_584xA lot of people think that in chanting 16 rounds, it is all about sincerity. And they come to me and ask, “I am lacking. What can I do to get more serious about chanting 16 rounds?” In other words, how to become more sincere? But it is not about sincerity, it is about organisation. Organise your life! Become regulated! Do not let the mind and the senses just drag you according to their dictations. The ‘manoratha’, the chariot of the mind, is taking us here and there and everywhere. Whatever we s

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Everything in Julie’s life had spun out of control. Her dream job as a hotshot corporate banker had turned into a nightmare. It kept her working late into the night. The heels and the power suit in the Sandton high-rise building felt no different to a prison suit in a jail cell. There just wasn’t enough hours in the day. “God, why?” she murmured to herself in frustration. “Why am I not in control?” Julie contemplated resigning from work.

But it filled her with guilt for the family she has to ta

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