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The environment means nature, and whose nature is it? It is God’s nature. Did anyone else create it? Did anyone else put it all together so that it operates the way it does? In fact, humanity is still trying to figure out all the intricacies of its functionality.

In all the inventions or devices we produce, all the ingredients and resources that we use are all given by God. The elements we need to make big buildings, bridges, ships, cars, or the fuel to operate them, are all being given by God,

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By Jyotisvara Dasa

The international conference: "Sustainability, Spirituality, and Simplicity (3S): Environmental sustainability redefined through simple life practices and integrated spirituality" will be on 22nd-23rd May 2021 held virtually with morning and evening sessions. World-renowned experts in eco-theology, environmental sustainability, and scriptural knowledge from the United States, Australia, and India will participate as keynote speakers. The conference will have a blend of oral p

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