radha (22)


Ratha Yatra is a festival of ecstasy because Lord Caitanya knew very well that Krsna cannot be happy outside of Vrndavana. Vrndavana is the place where He belongs! Vrndavana is the place where everything is designed for Krsna, and therefore Krsna can only be happy in Vrndavana. So Krsna had to be brought back to Vrndavana.

How could Krsna be in Dwarka? That is not the place where Krsna is at home. In Dwarka, Krsna is in separation. In Dwarka, Krsna can never be satisfied. Dwarka is so opulent t

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Srimati Radha-Rani, the eternal, transcendental expansion of Sri Krsna Govinda is none other than Sri Krsna himself. But for now it seems that people have hard time believing it. People in today’s age of the Kali-Yuga need an assured evidence for the existence of any entity. They can easily believe on Krsna as they can find Him in the Vedic Scriptures. Even the supremacy of Krsna can be easily assured from the scriptures. Still, pure devotees don’t go through such a process. For them their Spiri

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