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The Patient (A Krishna-conscious short story)

The Patient

The attractive woman in her mid-thirties knocked on the door of the consulting room. Her usual pleasant face was clouded with worry and the picturesque journey from Mumbai to the hill-station Mahabaleshwar had done little to cheer her up.

“Yes?” asked a voice from inside the room.

She entered and said, “Dr. Sathe?”

The portly man with the ruddy complexion looked up from his desk and smiled. “Yes, that would be me. Good afternoon, please take a seat. How may I help you?”

She settled uneasi

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The Test (A short story)

The Test

November, 1982

“Hare Krishna. What do you make of this?”

Ramanand Prabhu, President of the revered Radhika-Krishna Temple, Vrindavan, pushed the letter across the table towards Laxmi Dasi.

The young devotee read the letter carefully and looked up in surprise. “I-I don’t

understand Prabhuji…”

“Nor do I,” said Ramanand Prabhu and shook his head wearily. He had recently taken up the post of the Temple President and was already beginning to feel the pressure of the responsibilities that went with

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