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Paraphernalia in Deity worship

Harekrishna. Dandabat pranam. There r most speculation regarding deity worship. Some where it written incense should be offerd 7 times whole body. But in book followed by iskcon, the PANCHA RATRA PRADIP it is written 4 times lotus feet, 2 times naval

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i cant throw Anger

HARE KRISHNA.I know that anger is the most furious enemy of life.but i cant throw anger. when some body say against Krishna or insult my load i cannt bear.At that time what i say i dont know. but i realise after. i cannt hear against Krishna. what wi

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Krishna- cause of all

Krishna is the cause of all things. it has mentioned in brahmsanhita. iswarah param krirhna ............................sarva karan karanm.all good n bad things also belong to krishna. it has also explained in gita.he is the origin of all things. so

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Happiness without Krishna

Hare Krishna, dandawat, hari hari bol.
i have a doubt. plz solve it.
we know that, by forgeting Krishna we caught by maya. and we suffer from diffent obstacles, problems and sorrows.
but there are many people, many religeons, many countries who dont

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