Happiness without Krishna

Hare Krishna, dandawat, hari hari bol.
i have a doubt. plz solve it.
we know that, by forgeting Krishna we caught by maya. and we suffer from diffent obstacles, problems and sorrows.
but there are many people, many religeons, many countries who dont follow Krishna , but they are still Rich, happy and spend royal life. how is it possible?
but there are also so many people who follow Krishna but spend poor and difficult life. why? what is the logic behind it?

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  • Regarding the first question, you were just referring to the materially rich and prosperous nations who are apparently happy and enjoying the royal life without any devotion to god or krishna or without much spiritual knowledge..their so called material richness will be very frequently destroyed by many natural calamities and also material enjoyment without spiritual approach will frustrate and make the people mad as they will never get the complete true happiness but they will still try to enjoy, enjoy and only enjoy and will be more and more lost, disgusted and frustrated..

  • Thats very true and well said..material happiness, luxuries , attachments, etc completely wipe away our devotion like a big tsunami..these so called material desires and happiness are actually having a very strong poison underneath them..so krishna devotees are lucky to be always attracted to krishna bhakti and service to krishna rather than the false happiness, maya and illusion of material desires and happiness.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    If richness could buy happiness, then all the rich countries inthe world would be happy. In any happiness index that is taken across the world, Indians feature as one of the happiest people, mainly because of the spiritual bent of mind of the people.

    One of my seniors once told me - complete bliss is for a stone. As long as you are alive, there will be problems, struggle and obstacles. It is on us how we tackle it. We can use the same problems and obstacles to progress spiritually, or fall down, depending on our attitude and how we handle them.

    Regarding different religions, every religion preaches according to the time and level of understanding of the people at the time when the religion started. For example, Christianity itself calls Jesus Christ the Son of God. We all know the son is different from the father. Prophet Mohammad calls himself the Messenger of God. The maximum they are preaching is about heaven or jannat that the people who commit pious acts will attain after death. Even Hindus frequently speak of family members or known people becoming 'swargwasi' or attaining swarg as a very good benediction or reward for our acts on earth. Only when we read Bhagavad Gita, we realise that swarg is something that we should not even aim for, it is within the material world. Our aim is much higher, out of the material world and into the spiritual world.

    Therefore while we should show respect to the devout of other religions, we should understand that their soul will gradually evolve and arrive at Krsna. Like how Krsna mentions in BG - bahunaam janmanaam ante, gyaanwan maam prapadyate, vasudevah sarvam iti, sah mahatma sudurlabhah. Let them go through their process of evolution. We should concentrate on our sadhana and our understanding of our scriptures.

    I have even heard - why get into karmakanda, its complicated. Ultimately, we have to chant and be happy. Happiness is a state of the mind that has to be cultivated. Nobody can give you happiness, its a choice you make, despite your circumstances.

    I hope I have answered your first question and not digressed too much from the topic.

    Your humble servant,


    • Wonderful and very true reply by Rashmi Prabhu..thanks a lot for the enlightenment..there is lot of truth and valuable messages in bhagavad gita by the supreme master lord shri krishna..that shows his infinite mercy for the mankind.

    • Rashmi prabhu,  This is a wonderful reply!

  • हरे कृष्णा

    जब बीज बोया जाता है तो तुरंत वृक्ष तैयार नहीं हो जाता, उसमें समय लगता है | पहले एक छोटा सा अंकुर रहता है, फिर यह धीरे धीरे वृक्ष का रूप धारण करता है | तब उसमें फूल लगते है फिर फल लगते है और तब बीज बोने वाला व्यक्ति फल तथा फूल का उपभोग कर सकता है | इसी प्रकार जब कोई मनुष्य पाप कर्म करता है तो बीज की भांति इसके भी फल मिलने में समय लगता है | भले ही व्यक्ति में पाप कर्मों का उदय होना बंद हो चूका हो, किन्तु किये गए पाप कर्मों का फल तब भी मिलता रहता है | कुछ पाप बीज रूप में बचे रहते है |

  •  in bhagvadgita, shri krishna says to arjun : yashyam anugruhnami harishye tad dhanam shanaihi. it means : I get the property from my dear devotee whom i blessing.  " jis pe me kripa karta hu pehle me uski sampati chhin leta hu." Mother of pandva (arjun) kunti says to krishna when krishna was going to dwarika after completing mahabharat yuddh,  krishna when my chields were in trouble, you were withus, but now we have all pleasure with hastinapur rajya,you are leaving to us.krishna says ma kunti, you can take anything what you want at that time kunti only demanded of misshappyness in life, because in bad position krishna was with them and in good position krishna was leaving to kunti and all pandvas.such a away when we get property and we do not use it for krishna, maya will catch us and we forget to krishna, we always tries to satisfy our sences instead of krishna.so what is our goal ? krishna or richnees,royal life etc.. krishna knows very well what we want ? trust 100 percent  in krishna he will surly give what we want but at proper time when we become matured in devotional service of krishna.otherwise in Unmetured condition, maya will attack and we also forget krishna justlike other people.and this is the mercy of krishna.  hare krishna rana paresh        

    • beautifully said prabhuji. Thank you. Hare Krishna

  • Hare Krishna...Pranam.....First of all we should stop looking at things as black or white...rich people are happy and poor people are suffering.....No.We cannot use wealth as the only tool to measure whether one is happy or not.....

    If you go to vrindavan, you can see some vrajavasis who own many acres of land but they simply stay on the street....they love to live that way.....they are so detached.....hence, they are happy.

    So, please dont jump to the conclusion that rich people are always happy..not at all...it depends on our lifestyle....

    If you have Krishna with you, then you are happy.Whether you are poor or rich....it is immaterial.


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    But are these rich people really happy Prabhu? They may have temporary happiness, but it cannot be compared to the taste of chanting and dancing to Krishna's names.

    But, to answer your questions - there are usually two paths in life. 1) the easy way, where a person enjoys material splendor in the beginning and faces the poison at the end of life. 2) The hard way, where a person suffers and pays off his/her karma in the beginning of their life, but gets to taste the sweet nectar at the end of life (where nectar does not equal material splendor, but something true). 

    Karma plays a very large role in all this. If you have done very pious activities in your previous birth, you will be rewarded with such opulence. For example, my grandfather is very rich, he got it all without working very hard in life ... but when I see him today, I see an empty shell. He's egoistic, has pride, arrogance, and even though he states he chants X mantras daily (Om Namah Shivaya, Om Bhur-Bhuvah Swaha, etc), and X japas daily, and this and that... I don't see even a fraction of the excitement/love even a new devotee has when they first come to know about Krishna. 

    But what use is this opulence which distances us from Krsna... Money doesn't give happiness, only Krishna can give happiness. When the world's inhabitants understand this, it will usher in a Golden Age, the likes of which this planet has never seen!

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