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    Chamar or Whisk is for removing the flies and mosquitoes. THis is corroborated by HG Pankajangre prabhuji, head priest of Nrisimhadev in Mayapur.


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    Chamara is also called Wisk. It's use is same as fan. Since long time Chamara was made of Yak- tail hair. The only hair that can be used to serve God.

    The chamara is used by Krishna's queens at Dwarka to worship Him.

    Since ages the pujaris in the temples of Krishna and the demigods use the chamara, the yak-tail wisk, as an integral part of the aarti service.

    There is a portion in Srimad bhagwatam where Srimati Rukmai devi while serving her husband personally takes the Chamara from the hands of the maids and does fanning to serve Her husband Lord Sri Krishna in Dwaraka.

    SB 10.60.7 — From her maidservant’s hand Goddess Rukmiṇī took a yak-hair fan with a jeweled handle, and then she began to worship her master by fanning Him.

    Functionally the use of both( peacock feather fan and Chamara) is same but as we read in Srimad Bhagwatam queens used to serve Lord in this way.. We also try to serve HIM in the same way.

    Hare Krishna.

    SB 10.60.7
    SB 10.60.7
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