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authority of VEDAS

hare krishna... dandvat pranam...what is the authority of vedas.?why we should be somuch dependent on our scriptures...?Are they present as they were created without any changes today?my friends tell that they r created by some rishi to maintain norm

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Sankalpa and Visualisation

Hare Krsna,


I have a 2 part question that I would want your advice and thoughts on.


1. If we are in Dubai - how do we do the sankalpa. Currently we do it as Jambu dvipe, bharata varshe, bharata khande, godavaryah dakshina teere.

2. Are there any video

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Ten Sense Organs

Hare Krishna




In purport of chapter 7 text 4, Prabhupada writes The false ego - "I am," and "It is mine," which constitute the basic principle of material existence - includes ten sense organs for material activities.


I am unable to understand w

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