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Good evening Sir! I have many questions in my mind & i feel that only you can answer. I have gone through many discussions here & found you to be quite knowledgable & sober person. Plz take your own time but do anwer my questions. My sincere apologizes if any offence committed while writingQ1. Bhagavad Gita was spoken 5000 yrs ago. Who has recorded the conversation between the Lord & Arjuna? How has it been maintained these many years especially with so many invasions by others?Q2. How can we say that BG is as it is? So many years gone, some dialogues may be missed, some answers by Krishna can be lost.Q3.Can BG be actually understood? The Lord is beyond material senses & so will be his words! There must be more indepth meaning of his words!for example Krishna tell us not to lament for dead. On the battle field Arjuna told Krishna that he has understood every thing told by HIM. but when Abhimanyu passed away he lamented became infuriated & vowed to kill Jayadratha. We cannot say that Arjuna understood BG. Arjuna was KC since beginning.Best Regards,Romit Kelkar

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  • Hare Krishna Romit Pr!!!


                Jai Gurudev!!!  Jai Prabhupada!!! All Glories to Sri Hari Guru Vaisnava!!!


    Q1. Bhagavad Gita was spoken 5000 yrs ago. Who has recorded the conversation between the Lord & Arjuna? How has it been maintained these many years especially with so many invasions by others?

                Before answering to your question I would like to give small brief in general actually there was only one veda in the beginning previously people are understood but due to degradation of people’s Quality Krishna is understood people they don’t  understand and srilavyasadev incarnated as 17th incarnation of Krishna (Literary incarnation) srimad bhagavatam 1st canto 3rd chapter (krishna is the source of everything) as the son of satyavathi and Parasara muni  mainly to divide the vedas into 4 after that he complied 17 puranas, Vedanta Sutra and Upanishad than he thought this vedas and Puranas can be understand by panditas / bramanas but women’s and all other class people don’t understand vedas / puranas so he complied this ithigasa Puranas Mahabharath and Ramayan. Ramayan complied by Valmeki.. Mahabharath is complied by Veda vyasa both ramayan and mahabharath complied under the instruction of his spiritual master sri Narada Muni. after compiling mahabharatha also he is not satisfied fully he worried and meditated than his spiritual master sri narada appeared and told him to glorify about krishna full and full than only u will satisfy fully than he complied last purana that is 18th purana which is srimad bhagavatam. Than he completely satisfied.

                This mahabharatha is considered to be 5th vedas its more than 100,000 sloka srila vyasadev was searching somebody to type than at the request of Lord Brahma Lord Ganesh is engaged typing this entire Mahabharatha (1st canto Srimad bhagavatam srilaprabhupada Purport) in mahabharatha two diamond is there one is Bhagavat Gita and Another one is Sri Visnu Sahasranama. Gita is spoken by Lord krishna himself Visnu Sahasranama is spoke by Bhismadev at the death bed glorifying krishnas glories. So this bhagavat gita also recorded by srilavyasadev its part of the mahabharatha. Even sanjaya also sitting in palace of Hastinapura the battle was taking place in kuruksetra but he could see what is happening and he is explaining everything to King Dhartarastra. Sanjaya could explain because he got special eye to see from his spiritual master Srila Vyasadev (18th chapter BG). Since srilavyasadev is incarnation of krishna he know past, present and future. It’s maintained by his bona fied disciples. Srila Vyasadev empowered certain disciple and gave all the puruans to preach. (More detail in SB 1st canto)


    Q2. How can we say that BG is as it is? So many years gone, some dialogues may be missed; some answers by Krishna can be lost.

                Bhagavat Gita as it is because its comes from parampara system the pure devotees of lord they don’t have any motive other than presenting as it is unless if it is not presented as it is there will not be change in the heart of the people srilaprabhupada changed millions of people because he dint removed or add anything (Introduction to BG) srilaprabhupada gives one wonderful example in this connection if the mango is repent if u remove from the tree and through on the ground it will be damaged if the same mango handed over from one person to another person until its reaches the ground there will not be any damage or missing the same way bhagavat gita comes from parampara system from krishna to brahma to narada to vyasadev to madavacrya to so many than Sri caitanya Mahaprabhu to so many in this way we received from srila prabhupada who is 32nd acraya in the disciple succession of Brahama Madava Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya (Introduction to Bhagavat gita The disciple of succession)  so there is no chance of mission krishnas sloka. People read news paper they cont read next day they themselves say waste paper because its all waste we have to understand if something is last for more than 5000 yrs it must be as it is. Even 1000 of explanations are there but sloka does not change. Bhagavat Gita As it is is more power than any other gita around the world its studied by all over the world because prabhupada presented as it is.


    Q3.Can BG be actually understood? The Lord is beyond material senses & so will be his words! There must be more indepth meaning of his words!

    Bhagavat gita can be understood certain extend with the help of bona fied spiritual master but its mention in gita even we understand little bit and apply in our life by follow the teaching of bhagavat gita than krishna will give liberation easily even though lord is inconceivable beyond the material aspects still we can conquer Krishna by

    bhaktyā mām abhijānāti Yāvān yaś cāsmi tattvataḥ

    tato māḿ tattvato jñātvā         viśate tad-anantaram

    One can understand me as I am, as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, only by devotional service. (BG 18.55)

    advaitam acyutam anādim ananta-rūpam      ādyam purāna-purusam nava-yauvanam ca

    vedesu durlabham adurlabham ātma-bhaktau     govindam ādi-puruṣam tam aham bhajāmi

    It’s very difficult to describe Krishna by Vedas, who is no beginning, no middle no end he is eternal purusa only obtainable pure unalloyed devotion. (Brahma Samhita)

    Tesam satata Yuktanam            Bhajatam priti –purvakam

    Dadami buddhi yogam tam        yena mam upajanti te (BG 10.10)

    To those who are constantly devoted to serving me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to me.

    Tesam evanukampartham          aham ajana-jam tamah

    Nassaymy atma-bhava-stho      jnana-dipena bhasvata (BG 10.11

    To show them special mercy, I dwelling in their hearts, destroy within the shining lamp of knowledge the darkness of ignorance.

    So in this age of kali if we want to understand Krishna its best process to chant the holy name of Krishna hare Krishna mahamantra slowly slowly Krishna will show the path to understand when we engage in his devotional service by providing spiritual master than spiritual master will send us to Krishna.

    I not very sure why arjuna lamented due to separation of his son I will seek answer from know devotee with reference I will try to give u but we cont say he is not understood Bhagavat gita. Bhagavat gita spoken by lord for our benefit not arjuna...actually he is very pure devotee of lord they descended from spiritual planet to assist the lord for his past time he always there with lord there is no chance of getting to ignorance if u read introduction to BG prabhupada explain Krishna put arjuna under the illusion so that he will ask the question than lord can answer all the question in this way entire world will be benefited.

    Hare Krishna thank u so much for asking such intelligent question basically I am not Qualified to touch ur question its beyond by level of understanding its inconceivable some how by the mercy of my spiritual master answered my level best hope it will satisfy u. Jai Prabhupada.

    Your Servant

    Rasika Govinda Das

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    Hare Krishna Romit Kelkar prabhu, if you are refering to me, I have apologized to Rasika Govinda Das Prabhu for being rude on his advise re. using Tulasi mala if one eating onion garlic.

    I sincerely apologize to you for offending you or any other sadaka or devotee here.


    Hare Krishna.


  • Hare krishna Dear Romit Kelkar Prji thank u so much but i am very insignificant instrument in the hand of my spiritual master and sri krishna.. Kind request at your feet please dont mention answere required from only me there are 1000 times much better sr.devotees are there they will give u more wonderful answeres...please in the future dont mention like that we need more answeres from more devotee. i will try my level best to give u answer as soon as possible... Dear all devotees please give the suitable answer to this question... we all prabhupada family...Hare krishna.. All Glories to Sri Sri guru and Gauranga !!!

    Your Servant

    Rasika Govinda Das.

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