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Hare Krsna,

This may be a bit offending question but I want a clarification to this. I also had this doubt and my friend also asked me this. 

Why are there vulgar pictures, sculptures sculpted around the temple of Jagannath Puri?

And it is not the only

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Hore Krisna.Dondobot pronam to all devotees.AGTSP.pls answer my following questions :1)In this universe, Bramha had created all total 14 planetary systems,namely , Bhuloke, Bhubrloke, Swargaloke,jonoloke,topoloke,sotyoloke etc. Also from cosmological

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Hare Krsna dear devotees, i wanted to know;

1)Does one really see yamdootas at the time of death just as ajamila saw?

2)if yamdootas take away the sinful & vishnu dootas take away the pious then who takes away those who die prematurely like those kille

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