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Prasadam (58)

Confused about Utensils

Hare Krishna
I am little confused.

If Krishna is our real friend then why there are different utensils for Him and us?

Is there any sin if our utensils touch Krishna's utensils while offering/distributing Bhog?

Waiting for reply from the senior devotees

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Diet Help

Hello! Is it possible someone can give me a website with vedic recipes? Being born in america we grow up on all sorts of the wrong things. Ive been vegan, gluten and dairy free for quite a while now. It is not exactly easy to find foods free of dairy

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bread recipe

Hare Krishna,I offer my obeisanses to the Deites and to all vaishnavas, all glories to all of them, all glories to srila GurudevPlease I was hoping you could advice me on some offerable bread or chapati.Thanks very much

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Learning to cook

Hare Krishna,

i would like to learn to cook indian food, but i'm getting lost with so many spices that we here ( Portugal) some of them i never did ear about. I would like to learn to do beans sabji, fried things, rices, cakes, sweets and everthing!


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