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Hare krsna pamho agtSP,I am trying my best to serve krsna well from 2008, all glories to sri sri radha krsna chandra the blissful deities of banglore, who showered his mercy by providing prasadam my grand parents used to offer the preparations and then after we honour the prasaran. Now I am in bhopal living with my friend and subscribed a tiffin lunch box service though food we get is satvik from jain dharmshala nyas here the question is I should offer the food to lord or not as the rule is like the prasasan to be offered must be offered to lord first but m not sure the kuch I get is pure and no 1 has tasted it before...! So plz guide me if possible

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  • Hare Krsna  

    When devotees offer bhoga to Lord Krsna, they offer a thali and some water right? And then they mix it with the remaining food stuff. Like that everything becomes Krishna prasadam. May be you can offer water to Lord Krishna and then after Lord accepts, you can mix a spoon of water in what you have and in that way it becomes Krishna prasadam...Lord Krsna is very kind and wonderful.

    Please forgive me if my answer is not up to the mark. 

    • Hare Krishna prabhu
      Them it really makes sense
  • Lord is so merciful that he accepts whatever you give Him with love.

    Lord sees ur pure heart  to give Him something.. to serve Him before you partake.. you thank Him for whatever He gave to you. Your inclination to give is seen.

    He accepts humble offerings of Shabari.. which were tasted before it was offered.. whY?? he accepted her ????? becoz lord saw her intention of giving Him best berries .. she was tasting them and giving HIm the best berries..

    He accepts humble offerings of Sudhama.. Why?? Becoz  Sudhama realized his mistake and came back to HIM. Sudhama during his childhood didn't share the parboiled rice with Krishna and now he realized his mistake and came back.

    Doesn't mean that Lord was hungry for those offerings.. or not that He Like berries or par- boiled rice.

    Lord only sees ur love and devotion to serve.

    Lord accepted the banana peel offerings given by Vidhur ji's wife.  He only saw her devotion and inclination to serve Lord.

    He didn't see what was offered also whether eatable or not.

    If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit a water, I will accept it.( CHAPTER 9 BG text 26).
    If In case you don't have anything right now to offer to Lord. simple take a small quantity of water in ur hand say lord. I am having nothing eatable worth to offer to you .. and offer humble water only.
    He is not needy for ur food.  He sees only whether you were able to remember Him before you partook the food.
    Becoz Lord as Supersoul is always with you a friend within ur heart..
    You can say I am lonely and sit and eat.. But never forget Lord is always with you and u have to serve Him.
    If there is a friend sitting and you selfishly eat alone is it good?
    No not at all.
    That mistake Sudhama did was that only.  Lord was present physically present with him and he hid the grains and ate alone.
    NEVER THINK THAT YOU ARE ALONE. ALWAYS FEELS THE LORD"S PRESENCE WITHIN YOU. SERVE THE FRIEND ..MEAL FIRST AND THEN YOU PARTAKE. IF you have nothing to give....or worthy for the friend to accept.... Then simple leaf, flower, fruit or water is also enough but be sure to serve the friend ( atma Bandhu) first.
    Lord is your Best friend..friend of the atma( soul or jiva).
    Thank Lord for whatever He gave to you... It is His property that we enjoy and we hide it from him and eat .. it is not right.
    Hare Krishna.

    • Exactly avinash prabhu
      Got u very well
      Tysm hare krsna
    • you can always offer the food. atleast mentally. If there is no alter then you can still chant the mantras mentally and offer. 

  • Pranams..i have been in the same situation and I did  not had prasadam for many years...when we offer food to the Lord we get so much purification than eating it possible you can buy a stove and cook and offer?

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna prabhuji,


    Pls offer that food before having it yourself. In addition, you could offer some fruits, milk, curd, dry fruits if possible on regular basis.

    You are very sincere in trying to have prasadam only. I am sure Krsna will be pleased with your sincerity and will make arrangements for you to offer prasadam in the proper manner when you are ready.

    I have a firm belief that the obstacles we face in our devotion is simply to make our resolve stronger.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Thank-you Mataji 🙏


      Haribol 🙏

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