Initiation outside iskcon

Hare Krishna, please accept my respectful dandavat pranam.I've read through some GBC publications regarding sadhu sanga outside iskcon and please correct if I'm wrong but I understood that it is possible under supervision of the iskcon leaders.On the

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Hare Krishna,

What is this Ritvik ideology within ISKCON? The place where I am residing has one ISKCON temple and another under Ritvik parampara? Which path is approp[riate? Please throw light on this and remove the confusion from my mind.

Thank you.

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Book changes?

Hello all! Hare Krishna!

I have heard that ISKCON BBTI is changing the original pre-1978 books of Srila Prabhupada.My friend convinced me that it is a lie and a rumour.....One day in ISKCON temple,my friend gave me a book "perfect questions,perfect an

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Hare Krsna,

If somebody goes to USA, then which place should he/she choose to continue practicing spiritual life? Where is best temple in USA in terms of number of devotees, their dedication etc located?

Is it possible for a person to still continue Kr

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