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  • Hare Krishna,

    I used the reverse image search algorithm from work to find some information. Not sure of the result, but looks like it is a close match of what I could find. 

    From the above input image, it found a similar image in one facebook type page - , which is in Russian. If we translate it, the author's post indicates the image is from Iskcon New Vraja Dhama Hungary. If we look at the third comment made which is typed in Russian as 'Altar Completely' we can see the complete Altar photo. The background deity I think is from the same temple, but it seems the Lord was a special guest appreance on Jayanthi. Attaching photos herein.

    Again, I am not sure if this is correct information, but just a hit & hint. Maybe some devotee might know this directly.






    • Hare Krishna Dear Prathik Prabhuji,

          This is so much nectarian information. Thank you for attaching the photos. I have seen some YouTube videos of ISKCON New Vraja Dhama Hungary, there is was said that Syama's deity is 98 cms and Radharani's deity is 91 cms. Lord Balaram is much smaller when compared to Radhe Syam, He is so cute.

          I wish to share something I know about Lord Balaram to show my gratitude to you. The Lord is holding His club in these pictures and whenever He is holding His club, we should understand that He is in an official mood and that we should immediately render any service He demands. This is revealed in Garga Samhita Canto 8, Chapter Nine, Text 8 - link for the same here. The Lord says "musalena" in this verse, which means He is calling Mother Yamuna with His club in His lotus hand.

      Your Servant,

      Vignesh Arumuga Chelvan

      Sri Balabhadra-sahasra-nama, Thousand Names of Lord Balarama
      The Thousand Names of Balarama, Balabhadra-sahasra-nama
      • Hare Krishna,

        Thank you Vignesh Prabhu.


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