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There is one fraud profile from below name: please devotees remove Him as your friend and avoid seeing his messages or emails, he is a scam person.

He will mail like this :

Hello my love  how are you today hope you are fine over there, actually thank you so much for your understanding i don't know what to say but one thing i am sure is that i have gotten a perfect friend a God sent prophetic visionary person a man that benefit my statues i have trusted you and i believe you so i must tell you every thing now,  regards to what i want to tell you actually my father told me before his death that he  have about One Million Six Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars($1,600,000) which he opened an account with United bank of Africa (UBA),which he transferred from Islamic Bank into his account with UBA for us to start new life in Senegal because it's a peaceful country which he wanted me and him to live, and this big amount of money they made it and recovered it from the hand of tourist here during the time of arrest and my father have entrust all his wealth under my care because of his illness now that you are very close to me and we have agreed to be a partner i want to move this money to you on your name because i have find out from UBA about the money my father deposited in their bank they told me to look for any of his business partner to stand with me and also that they will Issue me an ATM Visa card which will be early to move the money also it will help me not to have any problem when moving it , So i want to know if you can 
stand with me as my father business partner because i have every thing the bank need for  transferring the money to your account.
Note that i have all the documents that will allow the United bank of Africa (UBA)  to transfer the money to your account all i need is trust, love and caring.
So if you are interested in this deal you are to send to me your  information such as below: 
Your Full Names ............
Your Home Country  .........
Your city............
Your Age  ..................
Tell Phone Number...........
Your Occupation....
I really want to have a good relationship with you,A relationship of deep feeling that will construct a mutual understanding,I am a woman that believes in destiny and I pray for God to provide a good person to call my partner. Please honey this matter is my life and can end my beautiful career so you must keep it top secret as a man  and nobody should know about it only me and you I wait for your reply and your full information's I love you forever my darling and God bless your always my sweet darling.
Yours lovely friend.
Annachen Alonzo.
 NB/ I attached my Copy of my passport to you please keep it safe.

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  • Hare Krishna ,
    Yes Prabhuji , you are right i also recieved such mail from this Alonzo..............Please arrange to remove this spam profile from IDT network.

    She mailed me below content...................Remove this profile from friend list immediatly.

    From: Annachen Alonzo <> on Tue, 18 Feb 2020 00:35:31 Add to address book
    To: You | See Details

    How are you today?
    I hope all is well with you? Well I'm delighted to hear from you once again, I also want to tell you some other things you needed to know about me .I will start by introducing my self to you,my name is Annachen Alonzo I am a US Citizen born in Houston texas / P.O.Box 1562 / Physical Address: City of 901 Bag by / Houston, TX 77002. City Hall Annex. actually I am the only child of my parent also a military woman before I was serving in U S Army base, but right now I am in peace keeping in Afghanistan under my father regime as a result of crisis and war over there. actually i am 29 years old, i have never been married before am still single hoping in God for a good soul mate. anyway nothing much my hobbies is giving hospitality and protecting lives i also Love sharing ideas and also I care about nature and human being, My father is a lieutenant general in US army and also he was here in Afghanistan for peace keeping he is serving under U.S army military government, it very painful to tell you that for a while my father who was in the hospital receiving a treatment from the military hospital here in the camp has died , My father was shot in a dangerous point and he lost his life due to the injury he sustained . hope you are not bored hearing my story i just feel like been honest and sincere with you because i saw you as a gentle man who is well honored and i don't think i have anything to hide from you i feel like been honest and open hearted with you please do not mind because that my life is cheerful and generous,glad to have you here as my best friend am a Christian but religion is not my problem i can change to any religion, actually I don’t know why I feel so special every time I read your massage in fact God can use many ways to bring people together in different nations It's an honor to have you here as my good friend, some times we don’t remember that we can do nothing of our own ability but with God we increase in power and might and hopefully we can have a better future together and Hopefully our relationship will last for a life time let us remain positive and know what the future have in a stuck for us. Honestly Afghanistan is one of the worst country to live on earth, and as long as we are still here in Afghanistan there is no free day because we always busy, we are always vigilant and have not enough time to take a rest here, I pray that I will never be assigned to work in Afghanistan any more again Some times I feel as if I'm alone in this world because of the challenges am encountering here everyday with my mission. Despite that I'm in higher position into military filed as an U.S army second lieutenant , but I still need someone in my life that can encourage and build up my entire spirit with motivational words, Such as caring and love messages, I need a friend who I can be confident with, because i don’t have much time for fun or joke base on my mission over here in Afghanistan. That was the reason i use this media to meet people of my own desire in different nations due to the nature of my job here, I sincerely want to let you know that since we meat my heart have never go out from you, I believe we gonna be good friends, I wanna develop a good friendship with you as soon as i finish my assignment here , I hope we can meet each other and be happy together. I really like you when i saw your picture that is why I decided to send the first message to you I am American and I can not hide my feelings for any man the reason why am here on this site is to get an honest man to build a serious relationship with, and to be a good friend with him that just my plan of being with you, you really look very nice and I like you. life is like a book, every year has a new page with new adventures to tell, and things to learn. I’m so proud to have such a great man like you this year, and I believe that we will have many good & wonderful Chapters in our life with good histories to tell in future But try to be honest with me in all our conversations because only honesty & sincerity can make any good relationship to last forever because honesty and sincerity will bring trust, and then trust will bring love, and love will make the relationship to last forever between two people I have already heard about your story and it really sounded very good but is just that we just know each other some days ago, I hope you will be a good man for me.??? I can not write much because of my work i don't have time for many words I am a woman of few words and we are not allow to make use of phones due to how things are going here,killings everyday. Please take good care of your self, and I would be very glad to hear from you again.
    Nice meeting you,
    Cheers with love.
    • They want to cheat now devotees, preparing themselves for hellish destination, Foolish people.............May Lord give them right intelligence.
This reply was deleted.