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Talking/singing in sleep

Hare Krishna dear devotees

Is there any spiritual explanation behind someone talking pretty clear during sleep.

5% of adults talk in sleep. Is sleep talk one of the outcome of our consciousness.

Modern sleep science accept that sleep talking is not a pr

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Blood Donation

Dandavat Pranam,


Please advise if devotees should participate in blood doation camp. Is it allowed for a human being to do this act as per Vedas? If Yes/No... why?

How to explain non devotees if this act is good or bad for a human being?


Hare Krishna!

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Hare Krishna to all !All glories to Guru ang Gaurang!Please help me in solving one problem of my friend. I told her about ISKCON/KC. She is very intrested in joining the KC but has a problem/question- which answer i do not have. She is a vegetarian b

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