Hare Krishna Dear Prabhuji,s And Matajis 
In our rutting life we are coming to cross many thing From morning to  night.
We using in morning first is toothpaste than soap than cloth than belt purse than oil, ghee, cosmetics, like lipsticks and many  thing.
 So please give me solution that, How can avoid in foam of lather ,Animal fat n animal bone 

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  • toothpaste,soap,cloth,belt are available without animal lather and fats.

    but now days in oil,ghee,cosmetics some people ( some non devotees) might mix animal fats & other products.
    we need to build own production house where we can get pure things for this senior devotees has to prepare paper work and present to GBC to get sanction so that how we can start & maintain production houses.
    some senior devotees should take initiative.
    best way to follow daivy varnashrama.
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