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Hare Krishna!


All glories to Guru and Guarang!


I want to know how we should try to be surrendered to 'Lord Krishna' i this mordern life where we are full of non devotional environment around, a lot of non sense chit-chat, so many ritulas with no so m

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Controlling Anger

Hare Krishna ,AGTSP ,I am not able to controll my anger ..Especially if someone teases me ..when i do anger people say you read bhagwat gita whta is the use of this ..Krishna did not told top do anger ..Please tell some way to controll on senses when

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Dear Devotee's,


Hari Bol. I need a counselling from an enlightened soul on one of my dilemma or fear. Although, I tried a lot to understand the concept of life better but still fear creeps in and unsettles me.


I am working in a MNC. For the past 3-4

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