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Being sick is a serious ordeal these days. If it is a serious illness, it is double trouble. Willpower and wallet are put to test. Gauranga Dasa, a devotee from Odessa, found himself in such a difficult situation.

In March 2022, after an emergency operation for peritonitis, Gauranga Prabhu heard a terrible diagnosis – cancer.

There was a difficult operation where some of his intestines were taken out and his stomach was put in place, followed by an exhausting 5 cycles of chemotherapy. By the Lo

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Share Your Care started a new patronage program where we appeal to yatras and individuals who want to support Ukrainian Yatra in these difficult times to focus their attention on one particular yatra, family, or individual. In this section of our website, you can find eligible candidates for your ongoing support.

Share Your Care team has carefully studied each case and carefully vetted all projects and individuals listed here and although you as a patron will have a direct connection and commun

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Oleg Prabhu is a vaishnava from Melitopol. The city has been occupied by the Russian army since March. He needs our help to evacuate his family.

Oleg Prabhu tells us:

“Since the war broke out, the city has been occupied, there are a lot of military men on the streets and right in front of our house. The city is shelled all the time, something explodes almost every night. Because of this, my wife often has panic attacks and, in general, she is depressed, all the side effects following (sleep dis

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Anadi Prabhu really needs our help! He is one of the senior Vaishnavas of the Kherson Yatra in Ukraine. He is very dear to devotees far beyond his yatra. He is always very attentive and caring when dealing with others, now he needs our support. His city is on the frontline; because of it, Anadi Prabhu has no income left. He is quite seriously ill and he needs a number of serious surgeries. The Share Your Care Fund team is asking you to help as much as you can in order to save the life of this w

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Share Your Care by Bhaktimarga Swami


I know you all feel like you want to help with what's going on in Ukraine. Our Hare Krishna movement has an ISKCON temple in Lviv, Ukraine currently serving as a refugee centre. I want to share with you some information so that you can get involved in this important support program. Below is content taken from Share Your Care regarding Ukrainian Krishna devotees needing our help in Lviv. I will include the link to the site at the bottom of this entry for more information.

"Both Share Your Care

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Share Your Care is proud to announce the launch of its new website. This site will allow our community to better understand how Ukrainian devotees are being affected and the best ways to help them.

The new website combines a comprehensive list of families within Ukraine and how they are being helped and communities supporting Ukrainian Refugees in other countries.

The new site also is now hosting an Emergency Fund for:

  • Urgent Medical Treatments
  • Urgent Evacuations
  • Kidnapping
  • Community Relocatio
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The following reports have been sent to ISKCON News by the Share Your Care Team

March 27, 8 AM EST


1: Vraja Jivana Das and Yamuna Jivani Devi Dasi live in Oleshki in the Kherson region, which is presently blockaded and under Russian occupation. Currently, it is not possible to go in or out of the city and no humanitarian aid is allowed in. Due to this, stores ran out of provisions and have been empty for a couple of days now. The devotees are very grateful for the financial support that was gi

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By Kamala Radha devi dasi

Under the guidance of Niranjana Swami, a new website has been launched so that the worldwide devotee community can help Ukraine. will be a direct way for you to help Ukraine. Not only will you be able to financially donate, but you will be able to sign up to volunteer as well. Share Your Care will give you a window into the life of Ukrainian devotees living in the conflict, and it will also be a way for Ukrainian devotees to request assistance. The same

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