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The following reports have been sent to ISKCON News by the Share Your Care Team

March 27, 8 AM EST


1: Vraja Jivana Das and Yamuna Jivani Devi Dasi live in Oleshki in the Kherson region, which is presently blockaded and under Russian occupation. Currently, it is not possible to go in or out of the city and no humanitarian aid is allowed in. Due to this, stores ran out of provisions and have been empty for a couple of days now. The devotees are very grateful for the financial support that was gi

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UPDATE: March 2nd, 2022 7:30 AM EST

This Report has been confirmed by Anuttama Das through Ukrainian devotees who are involved. 

Vamsi Madhava das, who was shot on February 26th, is ok and is recovering fine. He was able to be taken to the hospital the next day and is recuperating now.

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The last few days have been intense in the Food for Life kitchen in Budapest, Hungary, a small country in the middle of Europe. The devotees now cook more than on an average peaceful day, when they usually take hundreds of plates of food to homeless shelters, in-need families, and the elderly all over the capital and other parts of Hungary. Now they doing more so that they can provide hot meals to those who fled from Ukraine.

The devotees started helping refugees on Sunday, Feb 27th, 2022, by f

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By Anuttama Dasa

Correcting False Reports Re: ISKCON Ukraine Food Relief and Sheltering

Misinformation has been circulating on social media and other media outlets (not ISKCON News) that fifty-plus ISKCON temples and centers in Ukraine are providing food relief and shelter for the public.

ISKCON News has confirmed that this information is false. According to ISKCON authorities on the ground in Ukraine, there is only one prasadam distribution program operating at this time. It is located in the

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Breaking News: Ukrainian Devotee Shot


This Report has been verified by ISKCON News through a personal secretary of Jayapataka Swami who has been in touch with the devotees involved.

Update: February 26th, 2022 2pm EST

This evening, Vamshi Madhava Das, a disciple of Jayapataka Swami was shot in the hand and chest. His wife is taking care of him.

It was reported that their village, Kherson, was under attack. As of the time of this report they are unable to travel to any local hospital.

ISKCON News will be verifying and updating these

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The Global Devotee Care Directorate invites everyone to their weekly webinars focused on Vaishnava Seva and Devotee Care, an effort that emphasizes the culture of devotee care in our ISKCON temples and communities. We are pleased to announce this week’s discussion was led by HH Niranjana Swami Maharaj, who is the force behind one of the world’s largest thriving communities of devotees in Ukraine.

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About HH Niranjana Swami

His Holiness Niranjana Swami was born

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