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Oleg Prabhu is a vaishnava from Melitopol. The city has been occupied by the Russian army since March. He needs our help to evacuate his family.

Oleg Prabhu tells us:

“Since the war broke out, the city has been occupied, there are a lot of military men on the streets and right in front of our house. The city is shelled all the time, something explodes almost every night. Because of this, my wife often has panic attacks and, in general, she is depressed, all the side effects following (sleep dis

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Vraja-Govinda prabhu, his wife and two children have to leave Kherson, a city in the frontline. This city is in the south of Ukraine. Now it is one of the two toughest flashpoints of this horrendous war.

Vraja-Govinda prabhu is a wonderful Vaishnava from the Kherson ISKCON community. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, a true devotee of the holy name. Vraja-Govinda prabhu’s primary service is to preach and glorify Krsna’s holy name. He regularly attends and leads harinama and ch

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