Ukrainian Devotee with Cancer Needs Our Help


Being sick is a serious ordeal these days. If it is a serious illness, it is double trouble. Willpower and wallet are put to test. Gauranga Dasa, a devotee from Odessa, found himself in such a difficult situation.

In March 2022, after an emergency operation for peritonitis, Gauranga Prabhu heard a terrible diagnosis – cancer.

There was a difficult operation where some of his intestines were taken out and his stomach was put in place, followed by an exhausting 5 cycles of chemotherapy. By the Lord’s mercy, Gauranga Dasa lived through all of this, but it almost took away his strength. There arose problems related to the kidneys, liver, and skin. Unfortunately, these were not all the trials that befell the devotee. Because of the intense stress, his wife fell ill as well and has had to be hospitalized and received operations herself.

At the end of September, Gauranga Dasa went through the 6th chemotherapy cycle, after which another difficult operation to restore the intestines will follow.

Thanks to constant serious spiritual practice, and the support of devotees and family, Gauranga Dasa has retained his inner strength and is determined to persevere.

For that to be achieved, it is crucial to have good nutrition, and support for internal organs – the liver and the kidneys. Such operations are not cheap. and the family has almost no money left.

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