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Being sick is a serious ordeal these days. If it is a serious illness, it is double trouble. Willpower and wallet are put to test. Gauranga Dasa, a devotee from Odessa, found himself in such a difficult situation.

In March 2022, after an emergency operation for peritonitis, Gauranga Prabhu heard a terrible diagnosis – cancer.

There was a difficult operation where some of his intestines were taken out and his stomach was put in place, followed by an exhausting 5 cycles of chemotherapy. By the Lo

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UPDATE: March 2nd, 2022 7:30 AM EST

This Report has been confirmed by Anuttama Das through Ukrainian devotees who are involved. 

Vamsi Madhava das, who was shot on February 26th, is ok and is recovering fine. He was able to be taken to the hospital the next day and is recuperating now.

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Breaking News: Ukrainian Devotee Shot


This Report has been verified by ISKCON News through a personal secretary of Jayapataka Swami who has been in touch with the devotees involved.

Update: February 26th, 2022 2pm EST

This evening, Vamshi Madhava Das, a disciple of Jayapataka Swami was shot in the hand and chest. His wife is taking care of him.

It was reported that their village, Kherson, was under attack. As of the time of this report they are unable to travel to any local hospital.

ISKCON News will be verifying and updating these

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