I do struggle in life with this question.

Altough chanting, Krishna and reading a lot plus try to do my best to render any kind of service unto the Lord, it pains my brain to keep up with the world as it is.

For one who lives in a cave or be liberated in this life it may be bogus to think about the world.However finding out very closeby seen drought and other material so called illusion, it is hard to tell myself and others; it is all illusion.


1. it is Kali Yuga and all is in decline it is Krishna's wil. So why bother about climate change or political disorder?!

2. abandon every sort of social media and interaction with non devotees, so for non devotees you act like a paria or avoid them as the plague and be selfish or even egoïstic in their point of view due the fact you do not join their party or sociëty.

By statement 1 would it be fine to 'just' carry on on your own pace towards Krishna and neglect all worldly things and let people think you are a anti this and that? Or even conspiracy theorist, wich I can understand in their point of view because a Krishna in teh center placing person say that even demons are set in motion by the will of Krishna for a special purpose as reaction of their own karmic succesion wich is allowed by indirect Krishna's arrangement. Or say the maya created by Krishna. So is climate change real?! Reading the Purana's , in history it happend many many times in various kalpa's and yuga's so no worry about it you could say. So in fact climate is pure political and illusionary! Because it is manufacturet by the false ego of menkind. People in general want standards (iskcon too) by standards one must arrange all sort of material and political hussle to keep up with that standard. Like 10 sorts of milk in the supermarket or diversity due all sorts of so called needs and fashions. Wich cost loads of money and efforts and anergy plus recources. Just live sober or buy what's at season is called in the human sociëty communism or dull or even disgusting! Wich is a pain to real Krishna conciousness people. Because this will harsens all living entities. Why not be contentend with what is right here already, why must one have something exact as it is been told or shown in commercial or scripture?Standards are set to live wise. The knowledge given by Krishna and His parampara we must use by means of what we can get hold of it. Not nescecery to produce or say steal from mother nature to gain profit over it and or harshens other comunities elsewhere on this earth, just because we want it too to satisfy our sences. 

I hear often like; "but this is Indian so we must eat or cloth like that!" I heard in sadh snaga gatherings... wich makes me sick! This will only makes things worse and you will entangle yourself in maya more and more! Because to order things out of other countries, it cost money and energy wich is gain by illicit means. You have to work harder to pay the bills for it and force the delivery transport persons to do their jobs fast. Eat, drink cloth and enjoy local stuff! Chant Hare Krishna and that's all! No need to get get get , buy buy buy! It is Kali yuga YES! But not means as an excuse to destroy the earth a little faster. Or is it meant to be like that? 

On the other hand all is Krishna and for living entity a when gone b will appear. So if global warming really is true and living beings will die direct or indirect, other livng entities will appear, and humans just will shrink a bit, no harsh feelings. As it is in the scriptures; "to beget a huan body is very very rare!" Means the 7 billion people on earth are already 'to much' becasue not all are towards Bhakti Yoga or busy to get home to Krishna as they say. So just a burden to the earth are these humans. Even they might seen high educated or on positions higher than devotees in material means. They just enjoy their merits of karmic balance of previous births and fall down the cycle once more after death. 

2 So might it be best to totally avoide non devotees? Is that why I often hear;'where are thoose Hare Krishna's jumping up and down the streets?" Yes we had covid times and streets were empty, but still I can't see devotees in the street. And the ones I know dress 'normal' and do never show or preach anymore. New members I met rarely. Introduction and guide them is very rare too. Me myself feel awkward to guide aspirant devotees or new people. I do see quarrel amoung a lot groups here too. Wich makes me sad. I geuss real devotees are not willing to mingle amoung nondevotees to be a living example how to live Krishna Conciousness. They all stay at home or in their own circle. Wich in scriptures is said to be the life I know. But still if Prabhupada did the same he never circled the earth 14 times and make new devotees! SO the balance of interact with non devotees and try to gain devotees out of non devotees is a weird thing.  Devoeeets told me to avoide non devotees , yes it is in many scriptures too. So now I get it why it is said that a Krishna interst person is rare, very rare! Well yes Krishna is love not buisness of course... so hard to do like the inquisition Catholic times in central America did; believe in Jesus or die.. well that ended well. 


So I am curious what you all think; 

is Kali yuga a excuus to say ; all will be gone anyways so screw climate change, screw wars!

Avoide non devotees and do chant, why bother others?


I am just very disappointed in myself seen the 'real' world and spiritual plan of Krishna. Like rip apart by devotees and scriptures say all is maya while war, earthquake, floods, clamate change and political disorder are always happening. To be free of them all is easy, but than again, non devotees will find you very egoïstic and a deneind of all kind mankind things. 

Hare Krishna!



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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Dear Prabhuji,


    Devotees of KRsna are ambassadors of Krsna. We have to live in the material world like lotus in a pond, in there, but untouched by the dirty water. We shoudl ideally mingle with everyone normally, not take their association and try to give them association to the extent possible. 

    Climate change or horrific acts committed by people which are sure to find their way to news headlines are common, normal things. While we are in this world and seeing all this, we should understand from all this that this world is not the place for us and endeavour with more resolve to go back home, back to Godhead. The same incident can be viewed differently by different people and consequently the reaction will also be different for each person. What I am trying to say is - looking at climate extremes, we have a choice to either lament and try to rectify the situation or do our best to rectify the situation, with detachment that it is Kaliyuga, age of degradation, better to go back home, back to godhead

    The way we behave will determine how quickly future devotees take to devotion. There are no non-devotees, only present devotees and future devotees (optimistic view). So we have to be very friendly and helpful, at the same time, keeping the local culture in mind. We dont want to stand apart like sore thumb. We need to blend at the same time, something different/ special about us people notice. For this, we dont need to do any endeavour. If we are happy in Krsna Consiousness, it will reflect in our behaviour and sure to be noticed by the discerning.  

    The bottomline is - it is very important to have that type of focuson what is the purpose of life! Everyone has to have the objective to please Krsna. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • E-Counselor

      FOrgot to mention - our philosophy doesnt say world is illusion. We say world is temporary and full of miseries. We do not get too excited when we get something nor we get too disturbed when we do not get something. You can refer to BG 2.14 - matra sparshastu kaunteya

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