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  • Hare Krishna Matajee

    Thank you very much for your kind words. You are a very wonderful devotee. May you eternally be absorbed in the mood of the gopis.

    Hare Krishna!

    Your Servant
  • My mail id is- naukri_raj@ and my whats app is- 9007502080
  • Hare Krishna Mataji,
    I am new to this gp. I'm frm Kolkata
    Do u have any one in Mayapur who could help me to know more abt Iskcon and to put me in this Krishna movement. Even if you are residing in Mayapur I could meet you personally to get directions.
    Your servent,
  • Hare Krishna Mataji

    I need a knowledgeable devotee like you to help me with some article writing to promote Sanatan-Dharma.

  • Hare Krsna, please accept my humble obeisances. I am happy to be considered as one of your Iskcon desire tree friends, thank you very much.

    I was initiated many years ago, but I left ISKCON. I have reapproached my gurudeva and he told me that my previous service counts eternally. However, I wish to distribute Srila Prabhupada's books. I live in Albany, New York where there is no ISKCON temples.

    So association for me is online. I have an older body, and I am somewhat ill. But I still am determined to distribute Vedic literature. That is the service I wish to offer. Please forgive any offenses I may have done in writing this note. If you know of more ways that I can be of service, please let me know.

    Wishing to serve the devotees of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu,

    Devadarana dd

  • Hare Krishna Mathaji.......

  • And my guru maharaj is very strict in this matter.
  • Please help.with reply
  • My gmail is not responding so I have commented her.
  • Hare Krishna mataji,i feel the same as u have mentioned.But i am not going to abstain right now.i am gradually going to do it in2-3 years as her convenience.Is it not ok?
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