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  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    Dandavat Pranams
    All Glories To Srila Prabhupada

    I think I may be joining Janmashtami Program in New Vrindaban or Columbus temple prabhu. But not yet decided prabhuji.

  • Hare krishna!It was really a pleasure seeing your message.I consider it as a message directly received from krishna.To be associated with pure devotees of the lord is really a boon.
  • Hare Krishna Pr. Dandavat pranaam , dnt know if the birthday coinciding wth the gr8 person had any effect on me but surely the day was auspicious-finally after innumerable lifetimes the Supreme Lord decided to shower his mercy on me :) we all r special coz we hv KC & Prabhupada's mercy-isn't it?

    Hari haribol
  • thanx prabhu u visited my page

    but as for a slave i meant dasanudas bhava which each devotee should keep for all bhaktajans & santo's

    do have darsans of my beloved lords
  • thankyou so much
  • Dandavats prabhuji,
    To get association of H.G.Vamsidhatr pr and H.G.Janhava priya mataji is very fortunate.They are the bst vaishnava couple.
  • Hare Krisna Prabhuji, I take your comment on Ratika Johar's page as directed for me. I thank you very much for reminding me that my days have come, and I must do satang. Only a good friend can suggest such things. Would you please be my friend Prabhuji, I could learn so many things in my last days from a learned friend like you. I am forwarding my friend request to you, please oblige me by accepting it.
  • Volunteer
    yes it is a real story
  • bye for now.
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