Best book/pamphlet to give to friends/family?

Hare Krishna!!!


I am wondering which book or pamphlet would be best to give out as a gift to coworkers and family members? I am thinking perhaps of A Higher Taste for a good "stocking stuffer" and On Chanting Hare Krishna pamphlet for general free distribution / preaching activities like Harinam.


Also, I saw a Mataji giving out free copies of A Higher Taste last weekend during the New Orleans RathaYatra. Is there perhaps a bulk order site for ordering a box of a particular title to distribute freely?


Thank you in advance for any advice. - David

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  • Hi David,

    How are you doing? I'm happy that you've join our little group. ;)

    I would say that the book "A higher taste" seems to be perennial favorite and standard for spreading Krishna consciousness to the unsuspecting general public in a way that is palatable and non objectionable to them.
    It's important to realize that for many, you may well be their very first exposure to Krishna consciousness. It is such a potent and powerful spiritual inner process, that by simply giving them their first taste of the Mahamantra, as well as some pics displaying the Lord and His giving them darshan through those pics, along with exposing them to Prasadam is a very good start to put into the hands of people. You do that, and the Lord will do the rest.

    Hare Krishna/ Hari Bol,

    Sriman John Martini
    • Hi again John,


      Yes, I actually came to the conclusion last month that A Higher Taste was the book I felt most comfortable with giving everyone (including coworkers in my corporation), and I was able to get a very reasonable wholesale rate on boxes of the book. I still like distributing other books of Srila Prabhupada but I found more acceptance using A Higher Taste when I go out on my own.


      Hare Krishna!

      Your eager servant,




        Yes David,


        This is exactly what Prabhupada wanted from us all. Book distribution was the corner stone, the foundation and the key to ISKCON according to him. He felt book distribution to be more important than even the Temples. You are making your guru very pleased with you, and if the Guru is pleased, then KRSNA is pleased.


        Hari bol, my dear Prabhu!  ~~~P.S.  I am also not against the "Hard Sell" appraoch either. It's just that I thought that perhaps I would support a more conservative manner, being as I don't know who or what you folks are capable of. I don't want to scare anyone to do things beyond what they are comfortable with. But be it soft sell or hard sell, both are indeed rendering devotional service unto KRSNA.  

  • HK by now u would have got your reply where to get the bulk order for books now ISKCON will celebrate GITA JAYANTI month and this is the best month for doing this SEWA which is most apprecaited by FOUNDER ACHARAYA GURU SRILA PRABHUPAD Hence watch in you local area from INDIA if u want then you can contact i will assist you
    • Thank you Prabhuji! Yes, I have found the site for bulk orders and there is a retail KC store here in Houston which can help me on reducing the shipping charge too. Also, I am in touch with devotees here which have much experience with book distribution. I will be taking their lead and advice too.

      And thank you for your kind offer of assistance too. Hare Krsna!
      • prabhuji i missing by 4 minutes hare krishna are u on chat. please post us the SEWA u have desired to undertake .Book distrbution and pamphlet are nice sewa to be undertaken anytimeand especeially during this month
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