who shares the guilt?

When a deity or murti is gotten by dishonest means, who is guilty beyond the one who got it dishonestly?

When that murti is then worshipped by others, or given placement in another person's house?

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  • Hare krishna,
    as i understand if someone gets diety dishonestly (if degree of dishonesty is less, like if someone don't have laxmi to pay for it) of lord for only purpose of worshipping and serving lord then
    lord and devotee to whom diety belongs both will become happy, all actions are sanctioned by krishna.
    but in case if person motives are earning fame, money behind diety worship then it is sin.
    also we need to consider the degree of dishonesty before coming to conclusion.
  • I have read the punishment for stealing property from a brahmaṇa is to live as as a worm in stool for one hundred million years -

    The statement made above has left a doubt which is, "Is birth of a female considered as less than birth of a male?"
    • mataji is the considered opinion of many which isa truein a sense you know what the basic diff is.may because of this. I personally i think all are equal and complement one to another but only in a exhalted sense. hk i leaave the discussion open to all senior devotees to ad thier comment
  • hk for me the question is tricky can u explain what it in ref to any katha
    • It is just a question.

      I have read the punishment for stealing property from a brahmaṇa is to live as as a worm in stool for one hundred million years (SB 11.27.54-55) and that applies to the one who performed the theft, and to the one who assists, the one who instigates, and to the one who approves.

      I have also heard that if one donates money to a temple without knowledge that it is going to be used dishonestly, but the money is dishonestly used by a devotee, the devotee is guilty, but not the one who donated.

      If murtis are obtained dishonestly, and then sold or given to others who are unaware of the dishonest activity, do those individuals who end up possessing without knowledge (that they were obtained dishonestly) share in any way in the guilt?

      SB 11.27.55
      Not only the performer of the theft but also anyone who assists him, instigates the crime, or simply approves of it must also share the reaction in the next life. According to their degree of participation, they each must suffer a proportionate consequence.


      Stealing paraphernalia meant for worshiping the Supreme Lord or His authorized representatives should be avoided at all costs.
      • the discussionappears to be materialsitic one does not even think on the lines u have expressed even as discussion amonng dvelotees hare krishna it is apradh
        • Hare Krsna

          Thank you for instructing me. Please accept my apology since you find my question an offense.

          The subject is written of in the Srimad Bhagavatam. I am trying to understand from shastra and devotees.

          If we are not to think on these subjects, or discuss, how are we to learn the proper ways to act and serve?

          • i got your point now i think my reply was bit harsh mataji normally one does not go inato murthy worshippling immediately a lot of sadhana is already gone into it by such time you will have a guruji from a centre or a very known devotee then it is with devotion one goes about to invite the deiety into ones own house. hence nomally we are supposed to aacquire it by visiting holy dham or knwon place in templepremies since in india the people who trade in this are themselves great devotess and do it for the pleasure of lord and we as devotee pay a compensation based on our percepton of the value of the diety, time and and how deep your purse is. hence if the other person does some apradh hw can the acquirer be punishable. it is from these shastra the law of human conduct have evolved hence tchnicaly the law of the land hould take care of it and here Lord is involved then it is all the more more stringent, mataji one thing is sure the Lord inside one soul will prompt when you knowingly do wrong then please dont even attempt to do it.i have a stron feeling that any dicussion one put forward is beacuse of some incident he orshe has witnessed or thought of having occurred any where. but good discussion i hope other also others give further input on this hare krishna
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