A Miracle at ISKCON Temple (chowpatty)

Hare Krishna,


I got one mail saying:


It’s a real miracle that happened yesterday on 17.03.2011 at Radha Gopinath Temple of ISKCON (at Mumbai, Chowpatty near Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan)


In one picture you will notice that both are looking at the camera when their picture is being clicked.


In another photograph when their Aarti is being done, their eyes have are looking down at the Aarti. Its also noticed that Lord Gaurang has bent a little. 


We can notice that these Deities are not only Statues……...

Attached are two pictures of Lord Gaurang -Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (An incarnation of Lord Krishna) (right) and Nityanand Prabhu (An incarnation of Lord Balaram) (left)



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  • Jai Gaura Nitai! Gonna share this on FB! Thanks for the great post Prji!!

  • Hare Krishna! PAMHO....No doubt Lord Krishna always shows his causeless mercy on us and he enlightens us by doing many pastimes for our realization that we are his eternal servants. But, the above pic which you have posted is simply because the first image is from a LIVE web cam and the other is from a digital or a professional Camera. It's so much evident there. The webcam is not placed straight to the deities but above them and the camera is faced straight to the deities and then clicked.

  • HARI HARIBOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Prabhu jee,

    Hari Bol! I saw it several times in last few days since you posted. All I see it that camera is at different angle, no more. If you put the pillar on right side as reference, it is obvious. Please advise, if I am missing something.

    Your servant,


    • Hari bole!!

        Pls do have a look at gauranga eyes closer you will feel the difference...its not in camera angle...its in our eyes to take it into the path of krishna consiciousness..sorry if am wrong...Dandavat....:)

  • yes miracles happens and it shouldhappen often  my prayer for all devotees

  • lord gauranga made even animals and trees chant the holy name of lord...he showed his real form..sri radha krishna to srila ramanand raya..he pulled the heavy chariot of lord jagganatha which even the great elephants could not pull,with his head ..

    he manifested himself as lord varaha in front of srila murari gupta ..as lord krishna and narayana in front of srila sarvabhauma bhattacharya...he is the supreme personality indeed what is not possible for him.

  • HARI BOL !!!!!




  • This is sheer awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One Lord Vishnu deity in some temple in south india had shifted from one side to another (lying on one arm to another )

    which was a permanent change completely.

    thank you very much for making it possible for me to see it.

  • unbelievable. are you sure these are not doctored?
This reply was deleted.