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The Ever fresh love letter

Hare krsna dear friends!
Most of you must be reacting like Ohh love letter!! .. well most of you might have written it or might have receive it. but What is a love letter? Wikipedia says A love letter is a romantic way to express feelings of love in written form. & Wikipedia also talks about the first love letter found in the world. It is in India, yes you can check it. and this letter finds mention in the Puranas. i was amazed to know love letters started from Indian Vedic era. And this first loveletter was written to the most attractive personality of the world, Sri Krsna by a beautiful girl of vidarbha the princess Rukmini.
And Today is her appearance day she wrote the love letter as a marriage proposal. & the most interesting part is that she had never seen krsna in her life.Then the question arises how did she develop the love for Him?? There was no facebook, no whatsapp then how??   
Actually Rukmini was a vidarbh kanya. Vidarbh region of maharashtra.Her father bhishmak would invite so many saint sages and they would sing the glories of krsna all his qualities, heroic stories, his attractive personality and thus princess Rukmini got attracted, just by hearing she lost her heart & accepted Krsna as her husband.
But She was aware that her brother rukmi keenly wanted her to get married with shishupal. Both rukmi and shishupal were envious of krsna. Rukmini knew it. She became upset. But Rukmiṇī was a king’s daughter, courageous and bold, and furthermore she would rather die than lose Kṛṣṇa. Considering all this, she wrote a frank, explicit letter, begging Kṛṣṇa to come and take her away. She sent this letter to Krsna through a Brahman messenger.
When the Brahmin reaches. Krishna welcomed him with the appropriate rituals of washing his hands and feet. Krishna made him seat & politely enquired him about the purpose of his visit. Then that time he revealed Rukmini’s message to Krishna.
It began thus:
Oh Most Beautiful Person in the entire World!, I have heard from people about your beauty, sweetness, high character and noble nature. When a person hears about your qualities, these virtues enter the heart through our ears, and all our physical agitations are quietened. I know that to anyone who has eyes, the very sight of your charming form bestows all the four aims of life: namely Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. A glimpse of you is sufficient to fulfil all our aspirations. Hence my mind shamelessly enters into you.
One may say how shameless is Rukmini she is writing a letter like this, this is shamelessness, characterless. Princess Rukmini says you may blame me writing a letter like this 50% i am to be blamed writing a letter like this but 50 % you are also responsible as there is no one beautiful and attractive in the creation like you.Your attractiveness is so enchanting that it makes people shameless.
Rukmini Ji further says:
O Mukunda, You are equal only to Yourself in lineage, character, beauty, knowledge, youthfulness, wealth and influence. O lion among men(Nara-Simha), You delight the minds of all mankind. What aristocratic, sober-minded and marriageable girl of a good family would not choose You as her husband when the proper time has come?
So far Krsna has enjoyed the pastimes in vrindavan then in mathura now he is in dwarika & so far he is unmarried & this is the first time a proposal for marriage has came in this form & therefore Rukminidevi is afraid that Krsna may respond like so far i had many relationships, but i did not have the burden of marriage & a serious responsibility where i was bounded by rules & regulations where i have to go back home & report & someone is overseeing my activities, & i ll always have to answer Rukmini, why i came early why i became late all my locations will be traced. I may loose the law of independence so thinking like this Rukmini thought she will lose Krsna so she says you are Narsimha, when you appeared as Narsimha even laxmidevi couldn’t control your ferocious form she surrendered so don’t worry no one can control you i cannot control you even after marriage you continue being a free bird you can do whatever you like but marry me :p
Therefore, my dear Lord, I have chosen You as my husband, and I surrender myself to You. Please come swiftly, O almighty one, and make me Your wife. My dear lotus-eyed Lord, let Śiśupāla never touch the hero’s portion like a jackal stealing the property of a lion.
If I have sufficiently worshiped the Supreme Personality of Godhead by pious works, sacrifices, charity, rituals and vows, and also by worshiping the demigods, brāhmaṇas and gurus, then may Gadāgraja come and take my hand, and not Damaghoṣa’s son or anyone else.
The ācāryas comment as follows on this verse: “Rukmiṇī felt that no one could obtain Lord Kṛṣṇa by the efforts of a single lifetime. Therefore she earnestly pointed out the pious activities she had performed in that life and previous lives, hoping to convince Śrī Kṛṣṇa to come.”
O unconquerable one, tomorrow when my marriage ceremony is about to begin, You should arrive unseen in Vidarbha and surround Yourself with the leaders of Your army. Then crush the forces of Caidya and Magadhendra and marry me in the Rākṣasa style, winning me with Your valor.
There are 7 styles of marriage & this type of marrige is where Kshatriya go, kidnap the girl & marry is called rakshasa style.
Prabhuji adds this type of marriage was applicable in previous yugas only. :D
Further princess Rukmini says
Since I will be staying within the inner chambers of the palace, You may wonder, “How can I carry you away without killing some of your relatives?” But I shall tell You a way: On the day before the marriage there is a grand procession to honor the royal family’s deity, and in this procession the new bride goes outside the city to visit Goddess Girijā.
At the end simple hearted Rukminidevi says,
O lotus-eyed one, great souls like Lord Śiva hanker to bathe in the dust of Your lotus feet and thereby destroy their ignorance. If I cannot obtain Your mercy, I shall simply give up my vital force, which will have become weak from the severe penances I will perform. Then, after hundreds of lifetimes of endeavour, I may obtain Your mercy.
Thus the letter ends in 7 verses
Now what after that see krsna is so blushing seeing the prem patra. What will he do now.. Surely he has accepted princess Rukmini’s proposal. Krsna disguises himself & enters the vidarbha kingdom
There Rukmini is so anxious desperately waiting for Brahmana’s arrival. She is in anxiety The day before marriage rukmini goes outside palace for doing worship of mother Ambika known as Girija there, and when she was returning from the temple all kings were there, shishupal was also there. And then all of sudden Krsna jumps out picks up the princess Rukmini places in the chariot & departs before even Shishupal figures it out what's happening.   
Krsna had lot of experiences of stealing in vrindavan braje prasiddam navanit choram right you cant beat him in that He just stole the Rukmini, wow :D
Now that time comes when his chariot was facing the huge army by shishupal and rukmi krsna gives the reins in the hand of Rukmini she is fearful, krsna says oh beautiful eyed Rukmini dont be afraid all the armies of Rukmi and Sishupal will be routed and destroyed
By whom??
Krsna points out at the army headed by Balarama and says Rukmini here are your armies. Goodness!! :)
Acharya says krsna had connected to Rukmini just few minutes ago but within few minutes Krsna has transferred all the rights to Rukmini. Krsna don’t say my army will defeat them but he says your army will defeat!! Krsna is so eager to give everything to anyone who want to connect with him.
After defeating the opposite army Krsna marries the princess Rukmini in a lavish way.

Thank you very much! :)
Nritya Gopika Devi Dasi
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Judging a person does not

          define who they are.

It defines who you are! 


Hello Friends, Happy monsoon! :)

Do you love rains? Like going out,dancing and dangling like trees and getting wet. wow In early childhood we all have done such crazy things especially on first rainy day, ya? :)

A 20 years old guy was screaming in ecstasy as he looked through the window of a moving train, “Pappa, pappa see the buildings so big, pappa see the trees, they are so green and fresh, mummy see the rains they are kissing my hands, pappa see, so heavy rain na that’s what dogs are running, because of heavy rain? tell me pappa.. ”

All the passengers were astonished seeing this weirdness. One passenger couldn't resist himself, he shouted “”Man! what nonsense your son is talking! Why don't you take him to some mental asylum?” others too agreed.

But the father was tranquil he lovingly answered his son “Yes beta, because of heavy rain dogs are running they don't like to get wet actually. And he looked at that agitated man, and gently replied,”Dear sir, My son got eyes today. He was blind for last 17 years! ”

That man and everyone got ashamed.

A person is judged by his or her ideal. The ideal we have established in life is the substance of what we are.

– Radhanath Swami


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Helping your helpless friend

Hello friends! Here I will share some of my views on helping a suicidal friend.

Generally suicidal individual’s gives warning signals they express it explicitly and sometime it's very subtly expressed

Before that I would like to clear out some suicide misconceptions:

Suicide misconceptions:

1. Those People who talk about suicide will not commit it only  

Studies shows Almost 70-80% suicidal will say before taking the ultimate action

2.  People who try to kill themselves must be crazy.  

Mostly suicidal people are not crazy or mentally ill rather they are so trapped by unbearable negative thoughts, people and surroundings

3. No one can stop If a person decides to kill himself/herself

This is quite a narrow minded mentality, isnt it  definitely if you desire you get the power to uplift anyone, right

4. People who commits suicide are those people who were unwilling to seek help.

Studies of suicide victims have shown that more than half had asked for medical help in the six months prior to their deaths.

Now we come to the point of

Warning signals:

1. Talking/ writing about suicide: this is the foremost warning signal. Any guy/girl seriously talking about suicide, posting the thoughts online, onto the social media just doesn’t take it jokingly.

2. Seeking out harmful means seeking access to gun, drugs, cutter, ropes and so on hoodoo just keep your watch on them because they are on the way setting their mind.

3. Self-hatred & self-harm: they start hating themselves so much so that they really don’t care about hurting themselves badly

4. Withdrawing from other people

They get isolated from social crowd unexpectedly and start living most of the time alone

5. Saying goodbye: They give Unusual or unexpected visits or calls to family, friends. Saying goodbye

We saw the suicide misconception, warning signals now let us move on to prevention measures

Prevention 1: face to face talking

When talking to a suicidal person


  • Let the person know, you truly care(show yes wala tick mark) so that he/she gets the feeling they are not alone.
  • Listen to them.
  • Show true sympathy be non-judgmental keep your brain aside use your heart more, be patient, calm & accepting.

           Offer hope. Let the person know that he/she is important to you.


  • Arguing (show Cross mark)NO NO! Never argue with the suicidal person. Just listen to them try to understand them.
  • Lecturing on the value of life  you may possess a most sophisticated philosophical mind, you forget that you have one. Don't say that suicide is wrong and all. Just understand the need of hour. boost the feeling in their heart that they are valued and worthy to live
  • Keeping Promise of confidentiality Sometimes you will be asked to keep the promise of not disclosing their suicidal thoughts to others. You tell them you wont but be smart and never act foolishly by keeping it with yourself only.
  • Ordering them to justify their suicidal feelings  It is not about how bad the problem is, but how badly it’s hurting your friend or loved one.

prevention 2: Offer active help and support

  • Approach a capable personality Do offer whatever help you can offer from your side. Give your best. But mostly issues like suicide are not in our scope alone. Therefore Dont keep it as a secret. Reveal to a trusted one, involve the family, teacher  a guide            
  • Regular Follow-up It takes time to heal the grief stricken heart have patience and do regular follow ups. And during early stage Never leave them alone.
  • Be proactive. Don’t say “Call me if you need anything, anytime” Don’t wait for the person to call you or even to receive your calls. Visit them. Take your needy friend to your home.
  • Remove lethal means of suicide, such as pills, razors, or firearms. If the person needs medication give out only as the person needs it.
  • Accepting favourable and rejecting unfavourable

Accepting positive vibrations positive people and discarding negative people. Accepting healthy lifestyle habits like healthy diet, exercises, good sleep, devoting some little time of the day in prayers etc.

After all we all are in one greatest need that is love. Do everything possible which will show your unconditional love and care to your suicidal friend, make them believe that he/she occupies an important place in your life and keep praying for them.


I hope this video helps.

Thank you very much,

Hare krsna!

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One simple girl from a village of Maharashtra. She was named Chindhi meaning a tattered
useless piece of a cloth. Since early childhood she had a great desire to go to schools. but Her surroundings never supported her. She used to look after a small herd of buffaloes and when the buffaloes would get into the water pond for drinking purpose, she would escape for the schools. But Alas! School teachers would beat her daily For her delayed arrivals. Like that she completed her 4th grade.
She was just 10 years old & her childhood got over. She was forcefully married to a 30 years old man. Her jealous husband would throw every single page she read, because he didn't know how to read. She had 3 sons and was pregnant for fourth time. 
Once She comes to know that in her village there is a local mafia member who is troubling, abusing villagers especially village ladies. She complains about it to the district collector. But that mafia guy fools her husband by saying that your wife is carrying my child.  
Her husband becomes ferocious. He beats her, kicks at her stomach several times.& takes her to a cow shed so that people will think that she is trampled to death. One cow takes pity on her cow stood over her to protect her. By the time one baby girl is born. So many villagers got gathered their But cow did not allow anyone to touch them. With gratefulness  she embraced the cow and promised her as you have become my mayi (mother) I will become mayi for others.

She was rejected by her mother's home; her in-laws home. She spent her days and nights at a riverside crematorium. Because she was fearful of humans. 
She was badly broken within.
Many a times she contemplated suicide. Once she decided to give up her life along with her baby on the railway tracks, but she hears a noise. A dying man was begging for food and water. She gave him food water. And surprisingly that man survives. She connected that dying man's cry with the voice of god to help the helpless. She realized instead of giving up her life to nothing she could use it for others which is everything.
Along with her daughter she started to take care of footpath orphaned children. She knew singing she loved to sing bhajans, prayers sang ,She begged over railway platforms just to feed them. Slowly number of the children increased. Some sincere pious people started giving their help. She was given a small structure where she could give the common protective roof to all those lucky children. 
She did not keep her daughter with herself. She kept her at the house of a well-known relative. She says motherly love can deceive you; it can happen anytime that you will feed your own child but keep other children without food. So to avoid that motherly partiality she kept her daughter away from her and her daughter also understood her heart and supported her mother it was a very mature understanding after all she was born under a holy cow from a holy mother. She gave all the other children her genuine motherly love, compassion, care, feeling of belongingness, education everything. Over the years now many of them are leading a successful life many of them are doctors, nurses, engineers, farmers, lawyers etc. Chindhi becomes Sindhu tai, Sindhu, meaning extremely big and generous heart.
When her work was known to the world, her biological sons returned to her. Her wayward husband also returned to her. The people who rejected her are waiting for to meet her. On sindhutai one lady is doing PhD, one of sindhutai’s literature work is the syllabus in a Karnataka school, who was mere 4th grade pass!! One talk was arranged for her in the United States. Soon after that one movie was made on her. She has received more than 500 awards till now and been invited to talk over 15 countries. 


My gurumaharaj was saying in the book he met her in 2013 after a year when he heard about her. That time sindhutai was in her mid of sixties. He was telling they joyfully exchanged each other's realizations. And when they got up at the end of their conversation she pointed out effulgent energetic women. Sindhutai said,  “she is one of my daughters. She has become a medical doctor and oversees one of the orphanages. With tears in her eyes, smilingly she added she was the one who was born that day under the cow!”  


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Nama om vishnu-padaya krishna-preshthaya bhu-tale
srimate bhaktivedanta swamin iti namine
namaste saraswati deve gaura-vani-pracharine
nirvishesha-shunyavadi pashchatya-desha-tarine
Dear Srila Prabhupada Please accept my humble obeisance.
I was just a wayward crazy girl, Srila Prabhupada, I would doubt the existence of God only because I was influenced by materialistic viewpoints, scientists. But luckily my brother became devotee through his college preaching programs. And luckily I had deep bonding with my brother. I was literally dragged by your powerful books in my late sixteen.
In my most painful periods, your books and the discourses by you and your pure disciples gave me tremendous hope. Those were my only shelter.
It’s just because of your great compassion we all are avail to this greatest opportunity to really understand who we are and what is the purpose of our lives.
Just recently on Nrisimha chathurdashi discourse, HG Gaura Gopal prabhuji was telling that once you had said, “The goal of our krsna consciousness movement is to join Sri Krsna in his picnic on the banks of river Jamuna in the spiritual world and share the Prasad that mother Yashoda packed for him in His Tiffin, Srila Prabhupada said that is the goal of the krsna consciousness movement and one day that goal will be ours if we just remain faithful to Prabhupada and in the association of devotees practicing krsna consciousness”
I was really moved by that sentence. :)
O dear Prabhupada, because of you in my life I have received so much than I truly deserve. I cannot forget that dream where you appeared and enlightened us(morose beings) by telling that solution to all problem is Harinama Sankirtan. And we danced as we were following you; we became jubilant. 
My Dear Srila Prabhupada, my heart is black just like a coal, I sincerely pray that after undergoing through gradual but severe process of cleansing one day it may turned into a diamond and you may use it in the service of your beloved Sri Sri Radha Krsna.
Your insignificant servant,
 Nritya Gopika Devi Dasi


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For love for the Holynames,
I will pray every holy morning every holy evening..
For love for the Holynames,
I will strive to get influenced with your holy teachings..
For love for the Holynames,
I will put aside all my frustated desires..
For love for the Holynames,
I will never ask anything but the holy love for the holynames..
For love for the Holynames,
I will live my moments with the Divine Couple's holynames..
He connected everything to the holynames!
He defines trinadapi sunichen as- You are a fallen kaliyuga creature so dont be puffed up and proud to think that you have the qualification to any other program than the Lord Chaitanya inugrated(Harinama Sankirtan) for the deliverance of the fallen kaliyuga creature like us that is trinadapi sunichen that is humbleness.
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Today is all for you

                                                                     TODAY IS ALL FOR YOU

My dear Lord Shyamsundara, yesterday I was lonely, but i meditated on Your lotus feet.

My dear Lord Shyamsundara, yesterday I was fearful, but i meditated on Your lotus feet.

My dear Lord Shyamsundara, yesterday i was depressed, but i meditated on Your lotus feet.

My dear Lord Shyamsundara, yesterday I was angry, but i meditated on Your lotus feet.

My dear Lord Shyamsundara, yesterday I was puffed up with pride, but i meditated on Your lotus feet.

My dear Lord Shyamsundara, yesterday i was lusty, but i meditated on Your lotus feet.

My dear Lord Shyamsundara, yesterday I was confused;nothing made any sense, but i meditated on Your lotus feet.

My dear Lord Shyamsundara, yesterday I was so empty, but i meditated on Your lotus feet.

My dear Lord Shyamsundara, yesterday I felt helpless, but i meditated on Your lotus feet.

My dear Lord Shyamsundara, yesterday I minimized the essence of religion, but i meditated on Your lotus feet.

Today, my dear Lord Syamsundara, I am ready to do whatever is necessary to earn Your friendship. With Your personal counsel there can be no confusion. Please let me serve Your devotees. You know no one but Your pure devotees, and they know no one but You.

(Meditation 2, THE BEGGAR I By B.T Swami)

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                                                                        Thinking about suicide?

“when pain of living becomes greater than the pain of dying then a person commits suicide.”

I had just typed suicide keyword and when i hit the enter button i got to see a number i was perplexed what is this? Then i understood it was a helpline number! Goodness!Suicide, an act of taking one's own life is a massively pervading phenomenon. You know what, it happens twice as often as murder. According to WHO, approximately one million people commit suicide every year. There is an estimated 10 to 20 million non fatal attempted suicide per year.

There are innumerable reasons behind suicides. problems becomes unbearable and a person don't feel being loved by others.They get badly wrapped in the negative feelings of worries, disappointments, guilts, rejections, hatred, unloved, ashamed, victimized so on.when they find no shelter no hope that is the time they will start becoming suicidal.

Actually In life no one can run away from problems. All are bound to face their past karmas, both good and bad. First of all whatever bad we face is not because of others but its because of our own past karmas. For example When you strike a ball, by natural laws its forced to bounce back. Right?

And Suicide doesn't end sufferings but it itself involves a bad karma. Almost in all religions take christianity, take islam, hinduism, jainism, suicide is considered  as a sin One interrupts the natural cycle and destroys the gift of God. and remember Suicide is not just killing yourself but every1 who loves you, you kill your family you kill your friends. And one faces the consequences for all their sufferings. You may believe it or not, one is forced to wander in the ghostly body till the time he was destined to stay in that physical body

Well You and i may be here standing and lecturing on the value of life and how one should not commit suicide. But you know there are really some serious calamities that people face, which will shake anyone in & out. You may have sympathy but not empathy always.

But do remember there will be a set of people facing severe challenges which has the potency to break them down, destroy them. Half of them will quit, quit their lives too but half of them will try out till the last breath but will never ever give up And they are the one who shines, who become the inspirational role models and are glorified to the rest of the time.  

Actually you know what these people have is a  very strong foundation. They are aware of the basic fundamentals of life that not all the problems are solvable. Not all the questions in life are answerable.There are many things beyond our control.

Therefore it is very important to know what is our real identity. Lord krsna tells us in  Bhagavad Gita we are not this body we are eternal spirit souls. And this life is just like a flash. We existed before the birth and will exist after the death also.The pleasure and pain are just like the summer and winter season coming and going. They are temporary. Understand your eternal identity.Understand your prowess. This life has got a purpose. There exists a higher goal. Pursue your higher goal and eventually you will find that ultimate fulfillment.

This life is like a Journey by a train, when you come across a filthy place which is stinking badly you don't jump off the train thinking that it’s unbearable that i can't stand it let me become free by giving up life but rather you tolerate it wisely, you carry that incredible courage and patience where gradually you will be gifted with your beautiful destination.


I hope this video helps.

Thank you very much,

Hare krsna!


Nritya Gopika Devi Dasi

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                                                                Lesson From Farting ;)
I was playing with my naughty nephew, rupu who is merely 5 years old. At one point he gave a free speech i meant he farted little louder. Ha ha ha.. And my father angrily said shame shame you should not do like this. And tiny boy with his eyes down very innocently replied “ata hai kabhi kabhi”(sometimes i have to fart) :D :D and we all burst into laughter ha ha ha

Rupu gave me one solid insight of understanding.Our relationship often get cracked again and again because we misunderstand petty things.isn't it? Maturity is not when we start speaking big things, it is when we start understanding small things :)

Thank you very much!
Hare krsna :)
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After the drama we went for prasadam. Most favourite of all :p
Prasadam, feast made up of organic ingredient which is hardly available even to richest people in the world is the daily food of the residential devotees present there. It tasted divine and fresh.
It was 2/2:30 pm we entered in the temple hall, it was decided to offer heartfelt prayers through hare Krsna Mahamantra in 56 varieties of tunes. That’s really incredible you know singing the mahamantra in 56 different tunes along with the musical instruments within two hours.. Here when I sit for the kirtan I have to apply so much of brain for recalling that 1 tune which I had practiced. haha. I guess 4-5 singers were singing 1 by 1 singing and dancing like a free bird.
Some matajis were making Garlands. I can’t describe in words how beautiful garlands those fortunate ladies make; sitting hours and hours together those simple hearted village ladies make these garlands made up of variety of flowers. When i showed the pic to my college friend she couldn’t believe that it’s a real garland!! The deity decoration which you see in GEV is one of the best decorations found in iskcon temples.
Soon 56 offering of tunes was done.. All headed happily ahead.. We took out Radha Vanbihari the utsav murtis of GEV out. The GEV grihasthas began the program of offering 50 coconut to Radha Vanabihari.. They were offering coconut with a lamp one by one and breaking it. This indicates a prayer for removal of obstacles on the path of devotion. Everyone was glad, i had never see 50 coconuts offering it was a great joy to see..
Then there was a Vraj katha & parikrama by HG. Viswarupa prabhuji.. The lecture was full of deep realizations revealing so many mysteries of the merciful vrindavan dham, unfolding many hidden facts. All of us got a confirmation we are not in wada we are in the spiritual world.. The tree here surrounded to us are not normal regular trees but kalpvrikshas.. It’s a great desire of a great devotee and many combined efforts of many many great and pure devotees which make vrindavan dham to reappear at various places. Heart was enchanted. We visited 7 temples yes we are in vrindavan :)
Now it was the time for the most beautiful event of the day. Nauka vihar- the boat festival. Where their lordships are carried onto the boat which is fully decorated .. everyone’s eyes watching their beloved  lordships, singing the sweetest glories like Radhikashtakam, every single heart was flooded with the pure bliss, like the carrier bhaktas everyone’s heart drowned deep into the water while offering heartfelt prayer..
It was getting darker. I believe no one's Heart wanted to leave that magical place, Vrindavan, the land of pure love in the form of GEV..but after dinner With heavy steps everyone took their own ways to home but certainly with a sweet ever fresh memory in their hearts for forever..
Thank you very much! :)
Nritya Gopika Devi Dasi
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It was the plan of many days. Tomorrow we would be leaving for Wada, Govardhan echo village one of the outstanding project of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath temple. Iskcon Chowpatty.
My mother slapped me softly and said see the time don't you want to catch the early train.. Immediately i woke up. all my senses became alert, i was afraid because last night i was so tired that i had slept without putting an alarm. i saw, it was exact 4am yeah i am going wada :D
Till now i had seen Radha Vrindavan Bihari, isht daivat of GEV in photos only. I don't know somehow or other i was happened to go directly on their second birthday. I was in pretty sweet anticipation of what would be the place called GEV. Anybody will get mesmerised seeing the meritorious beauty of this land in photos only.. How would be the direct experience of seeing it, wow..
We managed to catch the bus on time though there was a big train cancellation problem due to mega blocks. Soon we entered into Galtare village the cool breeze which was cooler than the AC, the nourishing air sunshine, mountains, big big clouds, trees, sweet creeping birds, farms, simple people everything touched the heart.  
After some stops we arrived. It was 8.45 am Every devotee inside bus cheered Sri Sri Radha Vrindavan Bihariki jai.. Yippee There were some local devotees standing for welcoming. We rushed inside the arena.. hurray we have entered into the magical world.
We went straight upstairs. Lecture had already began, HG Gauranga prabhuji was sharing deity installation pastime. We joined a big crowd of devotees, who were hearing attentively, laughing at the humor. I was amazed to know the installation story of Radharani for me she is the most beautiful Radharani that i have ever seen in the temples. That time hardly anyone had a clue that she will be chosen for the installation due to some reasons .but it was a divine plan she was to be chosen.
Then fire sacrifice began. With auspicious mantras, conch shell vibrations, various offering, every one gave dry fruits offering in the yagya, after the yagya there was a divine kirtan and dance. Abhishekam started. 3 pairs of Radha Krsna deities were kept for abhishek. The divine bathing of their lordships with sacred juices like honey, milk, curd, and fruit juices etc. it was a feast for eyes to see. Such marvellous darshan. Whole atmosphere was filled with incredible joy. All around happy faces only, felt like Vrindavan, it was Vrindavana!
After abhishek one lovely drama was arranged. Drama entitled as “Vaishnav Seva”
How one robber, Neela daaku becomes a Vaishnava, a devotee just by doing Vaishnava Seva he attains the pure devotion Laxmi Narayan themselves give their darshan to Neela, he conquered their hearts just by his keen desire to serve the Vaishnavas.
Till the morning all the character didn’t knew who was who, but its their keen desire to serve that drama came fantastic. It was filled with lots of humour, so much so that laughing hard we were in tears hehe..  
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Hare krsna dear friends!  Oh ya ya wish you a very Happy Mother’s day too :D

Actually We don't need a special day to celebrate mother's day father's day; do we?? Are pitoge..(image of parents beating a child)  but since there is one, Happy Mother's Day :)

A 5 year old boy says to his mother,
“Mumma I love you!”
Mother said “I Love you too beta.”
The guy grows up to be 18
“I love you mom”
Mother, “Kitne paise chahiye bol”
The guy grows up to be 25
“I love you mom”
“Kaunsi ladki hai bol” :p
The guy grows up to be 40
“I love you mom”
“Bola tha shadi mat kar”
The guy grows up to be 60
“I love you mom”
“Mein kisibhi paper pe sign nahi kaungi”
But he knows mummy sign karegi, hai na?? nahii haha ??? :D

Mothers are really amazing na, such selflessly loving angles you can never find another one..

They say that A mother’s love is the purest kind of love that can be found in this world. Her Love & care begins even before we are born. Mother carries us in her womb for full 9 months, undergoes through severe hardships just to bring us into this world.

When you were born she was the one who was most happy for your appearance. When you were a baby She did all the menial to major services affectionately to raise you up .. Cleaned your potty changed your diapers, Only if you know the trouble of doing the same :D

Mother is your first teacher who taught you every basic thing
How to eat, how to walk, how to talk
Your A, B, C, D or A, AA, II ….. 1, 2, 3,..
She is the one who taught you this is the sun this is the moon, she taught you this is good this is bad. You learn your academics in the universities but the most useful life lessons all came from your mummy :)
She is always super proud of you for your any small to big achievements and most importantly she is judgement free.
When you try to become independent to explore the world many a time you may find her care annoying you try to ignore her, lie her, disrespect her but she is there for you like air; the ever forgiving beautiful flower that blossoms forever   
When you get hurt, it hurts her the most;  she is Always there for you a shoulder to cry on secrets to share Warm hearts and hands that really care.
When whole world is against you believe me she is the only person who believes in you. She carries the divine power to bless you.
Not everyone is blessed for a pretty good amount of time to be with such angle
she is your first genuine lover, the carrier of the love of the supreme. The divinity on earth.

I would be wrong if i refer to only mothers with blood relationships because i have seen the foreign pretty hearts standing through all the hardships.

your birth giving mother is the only one but there will be many in your lives who have mentored you mothered you..

Only if you could understand what i meant to say
let’s thank all those angels who cheers us through the life’s play

Thank you very much! :)



Nritya Gopika Devi Dasi

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Hare krsna dear friends!

We all wonder about the phenomenon called love. There is no greater power in this world than the power of love. but often we misunderstand and fail to distinguish beween love and lust. few days back i was hearing some discourses by HG Balgovinda prabhu and i got to know 2 prominent symptoms of love

Before i tell you about these two most prominent symptoms, let me quickly take you through all the 9 symptoms of love as explained by Prahlad maharaj :

1. Hearing: Shravanam

whenever someone speaks about your beloved then just like this rabit your ears are automatically raised up hai na:D

2. Talking: Kirtanam

Even if you are an introvert you will become an extrovert whenever you are happened to talk about your   dearest one..

3. Remembering: Smaranam

You will forget your diet, sleep your health, the entire existence around you in the constant remembrance of  your precious one :p

4. Serving the lotus feet: Pada sevanam

Sometimes its so happen that in deep love even the boy will do padasevanam of his mistress.

5. Worshiping: Archanam

we all know how our mothers worship father on some special occasions like karvachowk and keep fast for them... and you must be aware of how some people in total blindness worship their actor and actresses :D

6. Offering heartfelt prayers, emotions: Vandanam

this is where your bond becomes so solid

7. Executing orders: Dasyam

pyarme ladka ladiko bolta hai na me tumhare liye chand tare tod ke le aaunga, phir vo bolti hai "ha leke aao, pran jaye par vachan na jaye" "arey nahi nahi ye to bas kehneki baat hoti hai" hehe

but actually in love you do everything for the pleasure and wellbeing of your beloved.

8. Serving as a friend: Sakhyam

you treat your cherished one as your equals, your friend. you reveal your heart in full confidence.

9. Complete surrender: Atmanivedanam

This is the crown jewel. you are being conquered, you offer your whole being to your beloved.

That’s it.

Now if we talk about two prominent symptoms of love they are

1) Anusmruti: constant and fond remeberence.

The sanskrut word anu means constant and favorable and smruti means rememberence. Prabhuji was saying in the lecture that in local trains even if a guy is standing in a 3 fold bending form, in a very awakward position he is still lost in thoughts somewhere. Sometimes people also say “Kya baat hai khoye khoye se lagte ho! Kya ho gaya hai tumhe” You are not normal!

When in the restaurant girl forgets her handkerchief and boy gets it, there are innumerable songs written on handkerchief.

If a boy gets hair in his food he will scold mom, mom what is this! Aur maa bolegi arey teri vo aai thi khana banane then boy will adore the same hair in her remembrance!

It also makes you forget about the miseries in life. Such ordinary remembrance also gives pleasure. That’s the power of smaranam.

2) Niswarth seva:

Selfless and pleasing service, like a mother does to her child.

You are always worried about the wellbeing of that person. Its not so easy. Your love is on a pure platform. Today in the name of love what people are doing? Simply if you scratch my back I will scratch your back if you don’t scratch my back I will also not scratch your back. That is not love. Seriously!

Rupa goswami says, “If there is every reason for a relationship to be broken still that relationship is not broken that is called love.”

In this world anyone can come to you and say “I love you!” so you got to know this na ask them anusmriti?? Niswarth seva??? Are you ready to pay the prize?? Hahaha..

I would also like to add on one most significant point that supreme Lord is that ultimate person who loves us unconditionally with all His hearts; for his love there is no comparison in the past, present and future. And his unalloyed loving devotees are the carrier of that unconditional love

Thank you very much!!! :)


Nritya Gopika Devi Dasi


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Today I want to give a touch to a very significant part of the human relationships that is expectation : apekshaye!!!

In life whatever we do we keep certain expectations, isn’t it??

Ek baar ek bachese teacher ne pucha beta bade hoke kya banoge??

Vo bola “Dulha!”

Arey nithalle pathshala me padh raha hai tu bol raha dulha banega

Mera matalab hai bade hoke kya karoge??

Vo bola “Shadi!”

Ye to nalayak bacha hai bola mera matalab hai tumhare pitaji tumse kya chahte hai?


“Arey teri maa ki apeksha kya hai beta???”

“Bahu !”

“Arey teri  jindagi ka mgsad kya hai?”

“bola hum do humare do! “:D :D :D

Ye uske jindagi ka magsad hai.. Koi bhi vyakti nirpeksh bhav se karya nahi karta!

We can never become expectation less in life and in our relationships too! But we all have experienced when our expectations are not fulfilled we get hurt, disturbed, angry. And this happens many a time so whats the solution then should we try become expectationless and maintain some distance with everyone and just get busy with ourself our own work our own practices???

No! a clear no!

Because in life we need some satisfying relationships. The problem is that we seek satisfaction In every relation. We can never expect same intimacy in all relations. We have different levels of intimacy in different relations.  Not necessary everyone will have the same point of view, same feelings about you. Everyone possesses different natures, right. If you don’t find someone reciprocative you need not to expect much you can certainly have another one.

And the best part is we don’t require many close relations, many best buddies in life.. just 1 or is more than enough ☺ But to get that 1 or 2 in our lives is not so easy to have and even not easy to maintain

They say, relationships grow like trees . when you plant a tree by sowing a seed.. it will not give you anything.. you will have to be there to offer water, to provide protection. Then when the seed is turned into a tree it automatically gives you the shelter, flower and fruits.. hai na. Charity begins at home!

But with whom we invest is very crucial to determine. We all need like minded association to grow. Ek sharabi agar sharab ko chodna chahta hai aur sharabi logo ke sath hi uthata bethta hai to vo kabhi charnamrit pi nahi payega.  I am a student, if I hang around with some timepass  girls and boys ignoring studies and having so called enjoyment can I expect good results in exams? No! similarly if I seek closeness in relationships with wrong, negative minded, exploitive people can I expect good relationship with them??? never..  We need to make efforts to discover overlaps.

And I must tell you, if you have just one or two or just 1 person in your life with whom you can gel with, with who you share amazing understandings, with whom you are naturally selfless; you are gifted, you are gifted my friends. And you should do everything possible to sustain that relationship.  Even if you guys stay far away from each other, its worth to take out your time n spend time together. As you grow you relationships among each other you develop your relationship with god, with krsna and that is where your will have fulfillment in life you will never complain about expectations!

Thank you very much! :)


Nritya Gopika Devi Dasi

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Overcoming Bad Dreams

once a lady asks her husband, “ Mein aapke sapneme ati hu kya??? ” :p

Husband says “Bilkul nahi!” haha

Wife says “QQQQQQQ”

Husband, “nahi nahi me ratme hanuman chalisa jap karke sota hu.”

Wife, “To kya hua??”

To husband bola, “Bhoot pishach nikat nahi ave, Mahavir jab naam sunave” haha

Husband is so much haunted by her wife ghost hehe.. Some people are so fond of horror movies that even they are scared of them they will go and watch in the theater in the company of their friends and while sleeping they will say mere bagal me aake soja please!! darr lagta hai to dekhne kisne bola :p

I also used to watch lot of scary stuffs in my childhood. Because I had assumption that bhoots are imaginary, you know they are real!! And I would get all horrible dreams. Abi bhutka picture dekhke bhagwan thodi ayenge sapneme! Well no worries I have a solution for this too. But first of all let me explain what is a dream. The prerequisite to understand it better is to know we are not this body we are spirit souls. And this body has two divisions 1) Gross body made up of panch mahabhuta earth, air, water, fire, ether. 2) Subtle body made up of Mind, Intelligence and False ego. The Consciousness is the characteristic of a living being which distinguishes us from nonliving matter. Soul and consciousness are inseparable entities. Now this consciousness has 4 levels as Srila Baldev Vidyabhushan explains:

  1. Jagruti: When we are perceiving the external world through our senses its called as jagruti state. Consciousness comes out of the soul and then through the subtle body and then through the gross body into the external world.

  2. Swapn: This is the dream stage where consciousness reaches from soul to the subtle body only.

  3. Shushupti: It is the state of deep sleep. The soul’s consciousness is completely withdrawn from both gross and subtle body.

  4. Turya/ Samadhi: The state of complete trance. Where consciousness through the soul is directed to the spiritual level of reality.

Srila Baldev Vidyabhushan says, in dreams we are present either as a participant or observers. And we really don’t have the control over what events happen the next. As the supreme controller, God has created this gross world for the fulfilling our desires performing our karmas through the gross objects of this world he has created the dream world too which is made up of subtle objects. The desires which we don’t express on gross level but those we keep limited to our mental platform or you better say subtle platform are executed in this dream world they say na “Mani vase te swapni dise”.

In this gross world, material world we get the reactions for our major karmas. And in the dream world we get the reactions for our minor karmas. That is why not all the people will get nightmares. And some will never get a nightmare at all they will get the bad dreams but not severely bad dreams. And sometimes it’s the kindness of Lord, krsna who gives the reactions to our major karma though the subtle platform of the dreamworld. So we have to be thankful for it.

Two things are responsible for bad dreams

  1. Direct indulgence. We are involved in those activities or we are  voluntarily or involuntarily surrounded by such activities.

  2. Past lives impressions

In the first case you have full control, your free will “What to choose” so the bad dreams can be prevented.

In second case you don’t have much control but There is no need to get carried away what bad we see in the dreams until you can forget it and if it doesn’t have any psychophysical effect on you. Just leave it just forget it. And in case if your bad dreams are troubling you so much you must understand simply taking drugs or mere psychiatrist meetings can never give you the solution because the problem itself is on subtle platform. So do you remember the joke that I said in the starting?? :D One of the attribute of lord Vishnu is ‘Duswapnanashanam’ The one who destroys the bad dreams. In seventh canto of bhagvatam it is said you can also chant nrisimha pranam before going to sleep, for preventing bad dreams.

In childhood I liked to watch horror movies but when bhoot started giving me their darshan in the dreams I was disturbed that I believed they are false but why they are coming in my dreams, I talked about this with my friend requesting her to give me a solution, my friend said, hmmm do 1 thing before sleeping pay obeisance’s to devi, the goddess and sleep. That night only I went in front of our altar.I got confused which devi?? I saw sarswati devi, laxmi devi, parvati devi & durga devi I paid obeisance’s to all haha.. went to sleep and literally that night I had no ghost :D

I was happy I did it daily.. and meanwhile I had stopped watching scary movies too..

After some years I came into krsna consciousness.. I was away from all scary stuffs. One night I was preparing for my exam. I was getting bored of revisions. I came out my cousin was watching a horror movie and it was last scene I don’t want to describe it but I got scared you know haha but at the end Hanumanji saves the hero and heroine. But I got scared uska kya?? I recalled whenever I used to watch something horrible I used to see them in dream too.. I prayed oh krsna today will be the real test. If I am practicing sincerely I will not have their beautiful darshan else I will be so discouraged plz help me.. I told one of my friend I was adviced to chant before sleep.. I was chanting hare krsna mahamantra within mind and just like that went to sleep.. when I woke up I was so happy, enchanted and thankful krsna did reciprocated with me we have 1 balgopaljika photo.. that balgopalji  came in my dream in the deity form.. I took the meaning that even if i(krsna) come in a baby form u need not have to worry ☺ and also I got darshan of hanumanji who was from that movie :D


Thank you very much     

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Hare krsna dear friends. I am so excited today. You must be thinking what a joke!  Inspiration from 2 drunkards???? Are you insane! No no I am sane baba. But I do get so much of hope from the lives of these two drunkards.  ☺

About 5 centuries ago in west Bengal there lived two brothers, jagai and madhai. They were super well known for all their social welfare activities. I mean immoral activities. :p like robbery, murder, gambling, illicit affairs etc

Not only the people of nawadwip were afraid and tired of jagai and madhai but even the denizens of heaven were afraid of them. Also yamraj was worried about them because yamdutas would constantly come to yamraj and say we are having hyper tension, anxiety. we are not able to deal with these 2 cases.  Their sinful activities are so much that we are not able to write it down. By the time we write one activity; they are already finished with 5 activities. And the files are increasing like anything.

then chitragupta comes and says, “Your yamdutas are going to commit suicide because they are not able to keep track of jagai madhai’s record. They are working overtime. They are working in shifts. But still they are not able to write all their sinful activities. In fact yamraj said I am worried they are 27 hells. May be I’ll need to create more hells. So yamraj, chitragupt sab log poora yamraj department was worried.
And Jagai and madhai were having good time in nawadwipa.

Nityanand prabhu who is the elder brother of lord Gauranga thinks if jagai madhai become devotees then lord Gauranga’s fame would be spread. Nityanada prabhu approaches jagai madhai but they offended him. Madhai even hits nityananda prabhu and blood comes out. This news reaches to lord gauranga. He appears there with his chakra   
Nityanada prabhu says why you are taking out chakra. In this age of kali everyone is demoniac. You have come to give your causeless mercy. So kindly give your mercy.

Then nityanand prabhu changes the topic and says jagai is very nycc he is good because when 2nd time madhai was about to hit me jagai stopped him. so kindly give your mercy to jagai. so chaitanya mahaprabhu gave mercy to jagai.
Madhai says arre everything we do together and he is getting mercy, I am not getting mercy will I be punished?
So then madhai fells at the feet of mahaprabhu. But mahaprabhu says you will not get the mercy because you have offended and insulted Nityanand prabhu you go to nityanand prabhu so madhai goes to nityanand prabhu and nityanand prabhu immediately embraced him. Both of them got pure love of godhead and they suddenly became pure devotees and this news is spread. yamraj gets an email :p  hmmm whatever a notification that jagai madhai are pure devotees now. Yamraj says say again say again. Jagai madhai have became pure devotees!!  yamraj got complex. He sees all the jagai madhai files got disappeared. Entire godown is empty now

Yamraj in full tension. How this happened?? let's go and see. yamraj took his carrier buffalo and all the yamdutas followed him. demigods also got excited. They also marched.
Ganesha on mouse, lord Shiva on bull, ma parvati on lion. all of them goes to see. There is a big queue every1 following yamraj suddenly there is stop. a traffic jam. Lord Shiva said what happened. then some 1 says yamraj has fainted. actually when yamaraj came to particular point, he could see jagai madhai were dancing in kirtan. So when he saw that he got fainted. so immediately lord Shiva and yamdutas gathered around. They were afraid that yamraja has gone. Lord Shiva says he has not died...he has fainted in ecstasy. The only way to get him up is to chant & do whatever kirtan is going on. so all the yamdutas started doing hare krsna kirtan around yamaraj. Yamraj gets up nd sees yamduta doing kirtan and dancing so yamraj also joins in ecstasy. Lord shiva seeing this he also takes his damroo and starts playing. Saraswati mata plays veena. lord Shiva says enough of damaru then he does tandav nritya. Ganpati says I will also dance. So like that 2 kirtans going on one down on the earth and one in the sky.

Incredible, isn’t it?? ☺

If our lord Gauranga, lord Nityananda are so munificent and their holynames are so potent. which transformed two horrible drunkards into two pure devotees. Then certainly we can also expect such miracle in our lives. ☺

Thank you! ☺


Nritya Gopika Devi Dasi

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A song which can change your life

We all like music, songs..but there are very super serious species who will say they don’t like songs. But it’s a lie you know everyone is affected by songs..and the music of various instrument has halchal in their hearts :D

One may like a song so much so that he listens it every day, every day for a month, two months three months. chalo say for a year but not more than that..

but you know one song, a mantra is sung decades after decades, centuries after centuries in various melodies bringing change in peoples lives.

And you know who were those people? Those people were hippies.That song has so much of power that it could turn hippies into happy!

And You must be knowing who are the hippies?? Hippie is a member of a counter culture youth movement that started in us and uk during the mid of 1960s. those guys were living a very crazy and directionless lifestyle, illicit activities, overdoses of drugs like marijuana ganja very pathetic very pathetic. That dam maro dam was that time when they were introduced.

But I must tell you 1 song changes their life completely..the mantra, composed with the holynames of hare, krsna and rama which are on absolute platform on which they danced completely transformed them. It Brought 180 degree phase shift into their lives. It was incredible and a culture shock to see hippies embracing India’s ancient vedic culture. Giving up meat eating, intoxication, illicit sex and gambling leading a pure life like a brahmana and you can say much better than a brahmana..

The Beatles, the foremost and influential rock band where George Harrison gave stage performances after performances on the hk mantra. Touching and transforming the lives of thousands of souls in the west.

And this was all possible due to One lone person, srilaprabhpadawho was in his seventies travelled overseas with all kinds of challenges , introduced the western country with this most sacred and powerful hare krsna mantra the divine song and impacted many lives and made them blissful.

Like this…. And I know we are also seeking for that bliss that love so come on and sing with your free heart!

Thank you very much! :)


Nritya Gopika Devi Dasi 


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Magic of words

You must be aware of one famous idiom, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will

never hurt me. Is it real always??? I wish it could be. But in life most of our happiness and

distress is controlled by what people speak about us. isn’t it.

I remember, I was a school going kid, very sensitive one of my very good friend made fun of me

by calling ye moti, moti means a fat girl And I started crying. Hahaha.

It may be oral or written words it has a very powerful effect and sometimes one may forget

what you have spoken to a person but that person will never forget what impact you had on


Words are vibrations they hold power.

Recently in my college many seminars were held. In one seminar a doctorate mam was sharing

her life changing incident. She was telling, “ in my childhood I didn’t like to study. One day what

happens you know my aunt speaks to my mother, “Ambabaila kahich yet nahi ” Ambabai

doesn’t know anything she is so dumb. It did hurt me so much and that moment I became very

determined that I will show her.. words have power to to speak encouragement or persecution

over others.. I was thinking, wow just one sentence made her a phd scholar! And here we are

digesting everything hehe.

Once a father asks his son,

So beta what is your result?

Son says doctor ka beta fail ho gaya

Father ok what about you

Son: lawyer ka beta fail ho gaya

Father: but what about you

Son: professor ka beta bhi fail ho gaya

Father damn but what about you fool

Son says doctor ka beta fail ho gaya lawyer ka beta fail ho gaya professor ka beta fail ho gaya

aap kya albert Eienstine ho jo apka beta pass hoga?? Hahaha

Our words are the carrier of our emotions. And with whoever you speak you impart those

emotions into them. It has the power to speak life or death. Just one word is enough to put

someone up or down.

There was a very sincere western disciple named aindra prabhu he had never ever any direct

exclusive talk with his spiritual master, srila prabhupada. Once he was doing kirtan, singing with

his heart and prabhupada says “jai!” means all glories. That’s it. just a word. And aindra prabhu

started 24 hours sankirtan movement despite of severe challenges in india and brought

worldwide kirtan revolution.

So like that friends, speech is the power given by the lord and I believe we will do magic with

the magic of words.

Thank you very much! :)


Nritya Gopika Devi Dasi

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