One simple girl from a village of Maharashtra. She was named Chindhi meaning a tattered
useless piece of a cloth. Since early childhood she had a great desire to go to schools. but Her surroundings never supported her. She used to look after a small herd of buffaloes and when the buffaloes would get into the water pond for drinking purpose, she would escape for the schools. But Alas! School teachers would beat her daily For her delayed arrivals. Like that she completed her 4th grade.
She was just 10 years old & her childhood got over. She was forcefully married to a 30 years old man. Her jealous husband would throw every single page she read, because he didn't know how to read. She had 3 sons and was pregnant for fourth time. 
Once She comes to know that in her village there is a local mafia member who is troubling, abusing villagers especially village ladies. She complains about it to the district collector. But that mafia guy fools her husband by saying that your wife is carrying my child.  
Her husband becomes ferocious. He beats her, kicks at her stomach several times.& takes her to a cow shed so that people will think that she is trampled to death. One cow takes pity on her cow stood over her to protect her. By the time one baby girl is born. So many villagers got gathered their But cow did not allow anyone to touch them. With gratefulness  she embraced the cow and promised her as you have become my mayi (mother) I will become mayi for others.

She was rejected by her mother's home; her in-laws home. She spent her days and nights at a riverside crematorium. Because she was fearful of humans. 
She was badly broken within.
Many a times she contemplated suicide. Once she decided to give up her life along with her baby on the railway tracks, but she hears a noise. A dying man was begging for food and water. She gave him food water. And surprisingly that man survives. She connected that dying man's cry with the voice of god to help the helpless. She realized instead of giving up her life to nothing she could use it for others which is everything.
Along with her daughter she started to take care of footpath orphaned children. She knew singing she loved to sing bhajans, prayers sang ,She begged over railway platforms just to feed them. Slowly number of the children increased. Some sincere pious people started giving their help. She was given a small structure where she could give the common protective roof to all those lucky children. 
She did not keep her daughter with herself. She kept her at the house of a well-known relative. She says motherly love can deceive you; it can happen anytime that you will feed your own child but keep other children without food. So to avoid that motherly partiality she kept her daughter away from her and her daughter also understood her heart and supported her mother it was a very mature understanding after all she was born under a holy cow from a holy mother. She gave all the other children her genuine motherly love, compassion, care, feeling of belongingness, education everything. Over the years now many of them are leading a successful life many of them are doctors, nurses, engineers, farmers, lawyers etc. Chindhi becomes Sindhu tai, Sindhu, meaning extremely big and generous heart.
When her work was known to the world, her biological sons returned to her. Her wayward husband also returned to her. The people who rejected her are waiting for to meet her. On sindhutai one lady is doing PhD, one of sindhutai’s literature work is the syllabus in a Karnataka school, who was mere 4th grade pass!! One talk was arranged for her in the United States. Soon after that one movie was made on her. She has received more than 500 awards till now and been invited to talk over 15 countries. 


My gurumaharaj was saying in the book he met her in 2013 after a year when he heard about her. That time sindhutai was in her mid of sixties. He was telling they joyfully exchanged each other's realizations. And when they got up at the end of their conversation she pointed out effulgent energetic women. Sindhutai said,  “she is one of my daughters. She has become a medical doctor and oversees one of the orphanages. With tears in her eyes, smilingly she added she was the one who was born that day under the cow!”  


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