Judging a person does not

          define who they are.

It defines who you are! 


Hello Friends, Happy monsoon! :)

Do you love rains? Like going out,dancing and dangling like trees and getting wet. wow In early childhood we all have done such crazy things especially on first rainy day, ya? :)

A 20 years old guy was screaming in ecstasy as he looked through the window of a moving train, “Pappa, pappa see the buildings so big, pappa see the trees, they are so green and fresh, mummy see the rains they are kissing my hands, pappa see, so heavy rain na that’s what dogs are running, because of heavy rain? tell me pappa.. ”

All the passengers were astonished seeing this weirdness. One passenger couldn't resist himself, he shouted “”Man! what nonsense your son is talking! Why don't you take him to some mental asylum?” others too agreed.

But the father was tranquil he lovingly answered his son “Yes beta, because of heavy rain dogs are running they don't like to get wet actually. And he looked at that agitated man, and gently replied,”Dear sir, My son got eyes today. He was blind for last 17 years! ”

That man and everyone got ashamed.

A person is judged by his or her ideal. The ideal we have established in life is the substance of what we are.

– Radhanath Swami


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