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  • May Krishna's mercy rain down on you.

    Help the lost ( material world) people in your contact to know of Lord Krishna and His divine teachings.

    Take the challenge and you will realize that you are the chosen instrument of God for much-awaited and desired change in the society or the world, we live in.

    Are you an Instrument of Krishna ?

    Ask yourself a million times.

    I believe that you are...

  • Volunteer
    hare krsna.
    we would like to invite you to join our vaishnava group.

  • Hare krishna, prabhuji i m fine by krishna's mercy,regularly attending Bhagawat classes,very happy to have association of devotees .hari hari bol
  • hari bol,

    are you the same bhagavan maharaj who is Srila prabhupadas disciple ? if you are i wud like to ask u sume intimate questions as i have heard a lot of your glories
  • Haribol!!! Sorry for the delay in writing, I was in Vrindavan. Sarvo will write you. He remembers you fondly. He is here on ISKCON Desire tree. Look him up. Hare Krishna! Please keep in touch. Sarvo's email is
  • My Father is Mangalanda of Musical fame who used to cook for the Radhadomdara bus tour

    my e mail is write me and we can discuss cooking

    Alachua is a temple with a lot of land and a large garden. There is maybee 15-20 devotees who live on the temple land and most everyone else who is something like 700-800 live in the surrounding area. most people moved here because of the KC school which is very good.
    Today is the very first day of the rest of my life.
    This is the beginning of a new day.
    I can waste it ... or use it for Spreading KC.
    But what I do today is important,
    because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.
    Hari Bol!
  • Hare Krishna,prabhuji how r u? hope u will be fine by krishna's mercy. how is ur devotional service is going on? no i have not seen that video,plese help
  • ya..but not that often..since my exams r on the coner
  • i m fine..thanks prabhu
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