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  • hare krsna



  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Dear Anirudh Prabhuji,  Please forgive the late reply.  I had just seen your question and now I will attempt to promptly reply.


    Better yet: please follow this link..


  • hare krishna prabhu,


    ur humble servent


  • Yes Prabhu ! I will make a DVD and can give u all the pics which are in High Resolution.




  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Thank you for your association.. Your friendship will make me a better Vaishnava!


  • Hare Krishna prabhu, pamho. I really cannot recollect the name of your mum. Is she from Mumbai? Where did she meet me?


  • Dear Sir, Hare Krishna! Thank you for your very welcome advice to make Tofu and Tempeh here at my home and offer them to Lord Krishna!! I will start today!! Hare Krishna!
  • ..radhe krishna..
  • Haribol Aniruddha prabhu,

    this is Supriya. Your mother knows me. Plz convey my dandavats to your mother. I want to speak to her. plz let me know how can i reach her...
    your servant,
  • Dear Aniruddhh, i am sorry i could not make it for the memorial on sunday....i had to leave fast as Sitanath pr had to leave fast to drop Mr peter Burwash at the airport....but my heart is praying for both of u.....u have a big responsibility which i know u will fulfill perfectly......u have high ideals and examples which ur father set which u have to follow and live up to....which i am sure u will.......give my love and regards to ur dear Madhavpriya.....she has taught me a lot of lessons which i will always cherish......thank you for everything sitadd
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