Names to Deities?!

Hare Krishna Dear Devotees! Please, accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Could You help me to find all the known Names of Lord Nityananda and Lord Gauranga?! I have only 108 Names of Lord Gauranga. But i would like to know much more. For example, in our Temple Devotees called Gauranga Mahaprabhu as Gour Govinda. But i could not find that Name. and will it be correct if we call Gauranga Mahaprabhu by Lord Krishna's Names and Lord Nityananda by Lord Balarama's?

Thank You!

Your servant, maral

P.S. Prarana? What does this Name mean?

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    Hare Krsna,


    I found a lot of names from this website http://www.salagram.net/1000SKCM.html.

    Srii-kRSNa-caitanya-candrasya-sahasra-naama-stotram - 1000 names of Sri Chaitanya mahaprabhu.


    Unfortunately there is no meaning for the names but by searching further, you may find more information.


    Hari Bol,

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    Thank You Anirudh Shetty Prabhu! Hare Krishna!
    Yes, sure i can paste here but sorry if it takes too much space...
    112 Names of Lord Gouranga
    1) Vishvambhara--He sustains the universe
    2) Jita-krodha--He is victorious over the influence of mundane anger
    3) Maya-manusha-vigraha--He assumes the illusory form of a human
    4) Amayi--He is bereft of fraudulent behavior
    5) Mayinam Shresta--He is the foremost of (transcendental) cheaters
    6) Vara-desha--He appears in the best of lands
    7) Dvijottama--He is the ultimate brahmana
    8) Jagannatha-priya-suta--He is the dearest son of Jagannatha Mishra
    9) Pitri-bhakta--He is the devotee of His father
    10) Maha-mana--He has great mental power
    11) Lakshmi-kanta--He is the beloved husband of the Goddess of Fortune
    12) Shachi-putra--He is the son of mother Shachi
    13) Premada-He is the bestower of ecstatic loving devotion
    14) Bhakta-vatsala--He is very affectionate to His devotees
    15) Dvija-priya--He is dear to the twice-initiated brahmanas
    16) Dvija-vara--He is the best amongst the brahmanas
    17) Vaishnava-prana-nayaka--He is the hero of the devotees' life & soul
    18) Dvi-jati-pujaka--He is the worshiper of the brahmanas
    19) Shanta-He is peaceful and saintly
    20) Shrivasa-priya--He is very dear to Srivasa Pandita
    21) Ishvara--He is the supreme controller
    22) Tapta-kanchana-gauranga--His complexion is like molten gold
    23) Simha-griva--His neck is like the lion's
    24) Maha-bhuja--His arms are very muscular
    25) Pita-vasa--He wears yellow cloth (when a householder)
    26) Rakta-patta--He wears red cloth (when a sannyasi)
    27) Sad-bhuja--He exhibits a six-armed form [atha--and furthermore]
    28) Chatur-bhuja--He exhibits a four-armed form
    29) Dvi-bhuja--He exhibits a two armed form [ca--and]
    30) Gada-pani--He holds the mace
    31) Chakri--He holds the discus
    32) Padma-dhara--He holds the lotus
    33) Amala--He is sinless
    34) Pancha-janya-dhara--He holds the Panca-janya conchshell
    35) Sharngi--He holds the bow
    36) Venu-pani--He holds the flute
    37) Surottama--He is the foremost of the demigods
    38) Kamalaksheshvara--He is the Lord of the lotus-eyed Lakshmi
    39) Prita--He is beloved to all living beings
    40) Gopa-liladhara--He is the abode of cowherding pastimes
    41) Yuva--He is supremely youthful
    42) Nila-ratna-dhara--He likes to wear sapphires
    43) Rupya-hari--He likes to wear silver necklaces
    44) Kaustubha-bhushana--He is adorned with the Kaustubha gem
    45) Shrivatsa-lanchana--He is decorated with the mark of Shrivatsa
    46) Bhasvan-mani-dhrik--His form is embellished with many beautiful jewels
    47) Kanja-lochana--He has lotus petal-shaped eyes
    48) Tatanka-nila-shri--His majesty is enhanced by sapphire earrings
    49) Rudra-lila-kari--He sometimes enacts the pastimes of Lord Shiva
    50) Guru-priya--He is very dear to His spiritual master
    51) Sva-nama-guna-vakta--He is aware of the attributes of His own holy name
    52) Namopadesha-dayaka--He imparts teachings about the holy names
    53) Achandala-priya--He is dear even to the lowest outcastes
    54) Shuddha--His character is totally immaculate
    55) Sarva-prani-hite-rata--He is engaged in the welfare of all living beings
    56) Vishvarupanuja--He is the younger brother of Vishvarupa
    57) Sandhyavatara--He incarnated during the time of dusk
    58) Shitalashaya--He is desirous of cooling the burning sufferings of living beings
    59) Nihsima-karuna--His compassion is limitless
    60) Gupta--He is very secretive
    61) Atma-bhakti-pravartaka--He preaches devotion unto the true Self
    62) Mahananda--He is absorbed in the greatest bliss
    63) Nata--He behaves as a dramatic actor
    64) Nritya-gita-nama-priya--He is fond of dancing, singing & chanting the holy names
    65) Kavi--He is a learned scholar and poet
    66) Arti-priya--He is dear to those who are suffering
    67) Shuchi--He is meticulously clean
    68) Shuddha--He is spotlessly pure
    69) Bhavada--He confers ecstatic loving emotions
    70) Bhagavat-priya--He is intimate with the great devotees
    71) Indradi-sarva-lokesha-vandita-shri-padambuja--His divine lotus feet are worshiped by
    Lord Indra and all the rulers of various heavenly planets
    72) Nyasi-chudamani--He is the crest jewel of renunciates
    73) Krishna--He is the all attractive Supreme Personality of Godhead
    74) Sannyasashrama-pavana--He is the purifier of the renounced order
    75) Chaitanya--He is the living force of all creation
    76) Krishna-Chaitanya--He is the all-attractive living force
    77) Danda-dhrik--He carries the staff of the renounced order
    78) Nyasta-dandaka--He abandons the staff of the renounced order
    79) Avadhuta-priya--He is dear to the divine madman (Srila Nityananda Prabhu)
    80) Nityananda-sad-bhuja-darshaka--He shows His six-armed form to Nityananda
    81) Mukunda-siddhi-da--He gives perfection to His devotee Mukunda
    82) Dina--He behaves with meek and humble mannerisms
    83) Vasudevamrita-prada--He gives nectar to this devotee Vasudeva (the leper)
    84) Gadadhara-prana-natha--He is the Lord of the life of Gadadhara Pandita
    85) Arti-ha--He removes the distress of His devotees
    86) Sharana-prada--He bestows ultimate shelter to His devotees
    87) Akinchana-priya--He is dear to those who possess nothing
    88) Prana--He is the life and soul of all creation
    89) Guna-grahi--He accepts only the good qualities of others
    90) Jitendriya--He is victorious over the influence of the material senses
    91) Adosha-darshi--He is blind to the faults of others
    92) Sumukha--He has a pleasant face
    93) Madhura--He is supremely sweet
    94) Priya-darshana--He is very precious to behold
    95) Pratapa-rudra-samtrata--He delivers Maharaja Pratapa Rudra from obstacles
    96) Ramananda-priya--He is the beloved of Ramananda Raya
    97) Guru--He is the spiritual master of every living being
    98) Ananta-guna-sampannah--He is endowed with limitless good qualities
    99) Sarva-tirthaika-pavana--He is the sole purifier of all places of pilgrimage
    100) Vaikuntha-natha--He is the Lord of the spiritual world of no anxiety
    101) Lokesha--He is the Lord of all the material planets
    102) Bhaktabhimata-rupa-dhrik--He assumes different forms according to the desires of
    His devotees
    103) Narayana--He is the supreme shelter for all living beings
    104) Maha-yogi--He is the greatest performer of yoga
    105) Jnana-bhakti-pradah--He imparts intellectual knowledge of devotion
    106) Prabhu--He is the Lord and Master of all
    107) Piyusha-vachana--His words emit showers of pure nectar
    108) Prithvi-pavana--He is the savior of the earth
    109) Satya-vak--He speaks truthfully
    110) Saha--He can endure all forms of misery
    111) Oda-desha-jananandi--He delights the people of Orissa
    112) Sandohamrita-rupa-dhrik--He embodies the form of all universal nectar

    i need more Names with the meaning and need Names of Lord Nityananda also.
    yes, i saw the section Spiritual Names. There are lots of Them, but without any explanation or translation :-(
  • Hare krsna Maral!


    Can you please publish the list you already have? So there is no overriding.


    Here are some coming from the top of my mind -

    1) Nitai Mayapurishwar

    2) Nitai Gaurahari

    3)Nitai Maya

    4) Nitai Navadip Chandra


    You can try the Spiritual Names section, it has a huge bank of spiritual names.

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