Ram Navami fasthing - doubt

Is the fasting on Rama Navami till sunset or noon. I have read SP saying it should be observed till sunset.


How do we break the fast? Grains?


During the fasting period, can we have anything at all to eat and drink? There are some contradictory statements in this regard. Please clarify. Thank you. Hare Krishna!

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  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    please follow this link..


  • Thank you Manojkumar Prabhu and Anirudh Prabhu for your comments.


  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Fasting is till sunset..else everything that Dear Anirudh Prabhu said is correct.


  • Fasting is till noon. It is a complete nirjala fast, not even water. You can break the fast with water, lime juice, grains, no rule about that - since its a half day fast.
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