If we analayze then we can see that most religions like Islam, chirstiniaty, sikhism and most sects in hinduism and sikhism etc believe in impersonal form of God, while we believe in personal aspect of God. Though i know about the teachings of Gaudiya Vaishnavism but sometimes i think how is it possible that all religions/sects/paths are explaining God in wrong way. I hope devotees will enlighten me with nice examples.

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  • Ek Onkaar Satnaam

    Karta Purukh- Here purukh means person.

    Nirbhau- It is an attribute of the supreme person that he is fearless and not of something impersonal.

    Nirvair- He is without enmity.

    Akaal moorat- He has an eternal transcendental form. More vividly described in some other verses of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

    Ajoone Saibhang- He is the supreme father of all living entities and hence is not an ordinary living entity himself.

    Gurparsad- He is obtained through the Guru's grace.

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  • Jai Shri Krishan..


    I suppose they have never read the Brahma Samhita.. Who better to tell us about the form of God.




    first of all, we have to see the associates of jesus christ and of prophet mohammad.. jesus christ teaches the illeterate fishermen. they were not able to achieve the perfect divine vedik knowledge from jesus christ. prophet mohammad said , "dont make sexual relations with your mothers and sisters.". now think about these person. they were not able to achieve the perfect divine vedik knowledge from prophet mohammad. but arjun was the nitya parshad of krishna so krishna told him everything

  • You may not be fully correct about the different religions you have quoted following impersonal god, anyway that is not important. What is important is to remove your doubt about the FORMLESS GOD available in the scriptures of different religions.

    Spiritualism is a journey to break away from our ordinary way of thinking. It is an invocation to a new level of consciousness, through some medium. When we are alone in darkness, then we chant the name of god to give us strength.Now if this God has some form, while chanting we visualise this beautiful form to ward off the evil (it is very important to understand that DEVIL may also appear in a formless state). That is a god with a FORM is easy for us to comprehend and enjoy at our lower stage of development. As we go higher and higher in our spiritual journey, the different forms of god slowly evaporate and the formless, fathomless, all pervasive consciousness comes to our comprehension. So to start our spiritual journey, a god with a form helps us to proceed easily.

    Hare Krishna.

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      Sandwip Sen Prabhu,

      Your teachings are baseless. We here at IDT, we only accept scriptures and only explanation of Vaishnava Acharyas from an unbroken disciplic succession. Your interpretations are not in according to any of the 4 authorized Sampradaya coming from Goddess Lakshmi, Brahma, Shiva (Rudra Sampradaya) or Kumara.

      I strongly suggest you start (attentive) chanting of the Mahamantra and avoid the 10 Namaparad while following the 4 regulative principles.

      Listen to Srila Prabhupada's lectures if you want to progress in devotional service.


    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      God has a form and He is Krishna.. He is ever present in Goloka Vrindavan.

      Just read the Brahma Samhita.. you will realize that Brahma described the form of Lord Krishna.. This is the most sweetest description I have ever come across.

                                                                      Śrī Brahma-saḿhitā 5.1

      īśvaraḥ paramaḥ kṛṣṇaḥ


      anādir ādir govindaḥ



      Kṛṣṇa who is known as Govinda is the Supreme Godhead. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin and He is the prime cause of all causes.



  • This is an example which was given in one of our SB classes.

    Its from some sastra. I don't know where. but i know this story is authoratative.


    If you go to visit Tirupati, and if you're very far away from the mountain, what to you see?

    We said - Clouds.

    If you go further close, what to you see?

    We said-the mountain like a big stone.

    If you go very near or climb the mountain, what do you see?

    We said-We see LORD BALAJI :) :)

    Prabhu said - in the mountain we see the various things there like trees, fruits, flowers, etc.

    As long as you are away from tirupati, you would speculate that maybe its a cloud, or if u even advance, u may speculate its a big stone.

    So these are the 3 levels of Understanding - Brahman Paramatma and Bhagavan.

    The more you advance, the more you go forward, the more you come closer  - the more you get the real knowledge about tirupati.

    So in this way you can compare this example with that.


    Thereby my understanding is that if you purposefully keep yourself away from Lord Balaji's form, then certainly you'll be in an impersonal mode.

    Certainly this shows that they are more far away from Lord therefore their understanding is limited and sometimes wrong also.(unless they advance)


    So your question, why many religions are in impersonal?

    well simple answer. Religion is god's law which he spreads according to time place and circumstance.

    In some religions people used to have conjugal affairs with mothers and sisters.

    So certainly in such religions, you can't give them the higher knowledge ( the closer knowledge of tirupati) to them.

    Why? because they're unqualified and also they can't understand.

    So some religions other than sanatana dharma are meant to first make a person as human being to make him follow some basic human like things. Then they make themselves qualified to understand the higher knowledge. So knowledge of god as a person is certainly the topmost religious understanding. coming to that level of understanding god as a person certainly requires some qualification. thats the answer.


    Your question is actually very simple. just requires some calm headed thinking to answer :) :)

  • other religions teachings are not wrong but incomplete, it is arranged by krishna bcoz most of souls are rebelious and want to become GOD OR WANT TO ENJOY Independentaly (and not to be enjoyed).

    just ask ur self what it wants eternally loving personality or light/landscapes/sea shores/ water bubbles/galaxies this is what other so called religions describe god.

    why don't u visit natural place or keep seeing sky or light u'll hate concept of impersonal god .

    i make u assure krishna will fulfill our empty hearts

    highest is love for KRISHNA




  • Time, place, circumstance. These religions which you have mentioned, originated as per the needs of that time. The messiahs of this sect were empowered to pass on these teachings. The places where Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed preached, people were leading a very ignorant life. Back in India we still had the remnants of vedic society, but it was corrupted. This is why Gautama Buddha appeared - Why did Gautam Buddha appear?

    Due to the ignorant life(middle east and western areas), even the concept of God was limited. Hence the teachings of these saints aims to get them to at least have some basic steps towards God and spirituality. That is why they might have not instituted heavy rules n regulations as from a Godless understanding to worshipping his form is a huge transition.

    However, now witht he information age, as well as facitility being created where we have revived the teachings of the vedas by so many devoteees in disciplinary succession which starts from Krishna, we have access to further information to undesrstand God.


    Also in their scriptures there are quotes where the have mentioned the form of Gods, but those sections haven't been browsed too much.


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