Hare krishna,



             i understand krishna cares and respects female devotees more.

             becuase all intimate services like cooking for him,dressing for him,making garland for him,bathing him ....... all services realted to him they only do.they can play with chldrens in home,they can read books , chant anytime.they can do everyhting directly for krishna, even they get appreciation from everyone i am not jealous but want to confirm.

             please comment i think most of us are agree with me.in scriptures also krishna gives importance to his female devotees like mother yashoda, elderly gopis, kunti maharani,mother ahilya,gopis,Draupadi,kubja ......




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  • Hare Krsna!

    I read this today:

    Even the greatest philosophical speculators cannot have access to the region of the Lord. It is said in the Upaniṣads that the Supreme Truth, the Absolute Personality of Godhead, is beyond the range of the thinking power of the greatest philosopher. He is unknowable by great learning or by the greatest brain. He is knowable only by one who has His mercy. Others may go on thinking about Him for years together, yet He is unknowable. This very fact is corroborated by the Queen, who is playing the part of an innocent woman. Women in general are unable to speculate like philosophers but they are blessed by the Lord because they believe at once in the superiority and almightiness of the Lord, and thus they offer obeisances without reservation. The Lord is so kind that He does not show special favor only to one who is a great philosopher. He knows the sincerity of purpose. For this reason only, women generally assemble in great number in any sort of religious function. In every country and in every sect of religion it appears that the women are more interested than the men. This simplicity of acceptance is more effective than showy insincere religious fervor. -- Teachings of Queen Kunti Ch. 3
  • I can see that even in what is to be a peaceful community of devotees there is quarrel... this entire discussion was concerning woman's importance to Krishna and not about sex. And doesn't Vaishnava culture follow certain rules, not Western rules. In the end, it is our responsibility what we do with ourselves. Our main goal is to re-establish our lost connection with God, and to go back home, to Godhead. If you partake in the act of illicit sex, your journey will be hindered due to indulgence of sense gratification. A true devotee sees through the cloak of illusion, that cloak being your ego, skin, body, and GENDER. It shouldn't matter what gender you are, whether animals, or man. We can all be gopis to Krsna, we can see him as our husband, we can see him as our father, and so on. Krsna is ever merciful and takes in his devotees no matter what. What need is there to discuss about what gender should do what and what gender should carry a specific role, we are all his children. When it comes to the act of sex, Western culture gives you the excuse that you will get certain illnesses if you do not discharge semen, but this is not true because there are many in this world who have lived long lives simply by doing yoga and harnessing the energy from the lower chakras for use spiritually. I believe only a KC person who has self control and does not partake in those acts can they truly transcend this nasty veil of maya.Hare Krishna and do forgive any offenses.
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    In Western culture they very much encourage it and even tell them that if they don't do it they will get prostate cancer.
  • good answer sri radhaji, like it, jai shree radhe
  • i dont understand what your asking?
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    There is one particular practice that will determine whether men are worthy of any respect. Srila Prabhupada is very definite about the importance of seminal continence. If the men are discharging semen for any other reason besides bringing a child into the world, they will only bring so much suffering on themselves and others. It's a very serious consideration.
    • Hare Krishna! Sarvopama Prabhu, You seem to be stuck on that issue on almost all questions. Whats up? It seem kind of strange. Frankly it seems quite innapropriate. please stick withthe topic and leave your personl issues out of this. Thank you.
      Jaya Srila Prabhupada!
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