Hare Krishna,

I have found conclusive answers for not eating onion , garlic and mushrooms but this one floors me.I end up giving the only reason which  I heard-'eating masoor dal is considered equivalent to eating meat'. Is this true? can someone plz provide a valid reason for this.

Thanks in advance

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      • actually what i think that ones body require certain amount of calculated protein, vitamins, minerals etc. whatever is extra is lost with the stool. anyhow eating so much proteceous food only allows building up of muscles which genrally body builders do..lets us accept very simple thing "eating, mating, sleeping and defending is not our( humans) dharma but animals' but only human being has the power to penetrate through false ego"- HH RADHANATH SWAMI MAHARAJ. no need to be so much choosy to select what to eat and what not to! ample varities of veggies are granted in vaishnav system by the chain of gurus. select frm the list and eat till it keeps body and soul together..and spirituality intact
  • Hare Krishna!Mataji
    As we know that there r three mode by which we can classify all living entity..these mods r..
    1.Mode of goodness(Satvic Guna)
    2.Mode of passion(Rajo Guna )
    3.Mode of ignorence(Tamsic Guna)
    As per these guna's every one have different conciousness ,different habits n different liking towards food..
    Onion and Garlic is considered the food in the mode of passion, and if u know about the above GUNA'S then u can choose eassly What to eat what to not...
    So, i am uploading a lecture of Shri RadhaGopinath Prabhu which will help u to find the answer of your question....
    I request u please listen the whole lecture very carefully..
  • While discussing food , it will be worthwhile to remember that our primary aim is to control the tongue as it is a very powerful sense. When tongue is controlled , genitals are easier to control as SP says in NOI. So, the mind should not be allowed to dwell too much on talks on food as Raghunath Das goswami showed in his life. Yuktha vairagya is also a wonderful philosophy given to us by Rupa Goswami which can be applied in this context. We use everything in the service of Krishna and thus purify them.

    In my opinion , we all have knowledge of the major prohibited items. There is some variation in the ISKCON community and other vaishnava communities in some items and I don't think it is of great consequence. Some say carrots, beetroot , cabbage even green chillie are foreign and so they are not offered to Lord Jagannath! Tamil Vaishnavas avoid brinjals on Ekadasi days. I have been served soya in some ISKCON temples. In my humble opinion, such issues are far less significant than many other do's and don'ts that we must observe.

    Hare Krishna!
    • hare krsna

      HG K S Subramanian prabhu wrote:

      i do agree with his spirit, but it may be more accurate to say, the PRIMARY aim is to please srila gurudev and sriman gauranga mahaprabhu! As Srila Prabhupada once said (sorry don't have vedabase to search out the ref this moment), "i wd eat meat if krsna ate meat. we are krsna-tarians, not vegetarians!' Srila Prabhupada ki.... jaya!

      yr servant

  • Hare Krishna, the replies received saying because it contains high proteins it is like eating meat, looks very childish. It tends to say that only meat can have high protein values and not a cereal or a vegetable. Protein are found in every edible thing. Value may be les or more. How can High value convert a cereal into a Non Veg item ? There must be some other reason ? Why not better ask Guru Acharya Radhanath Swami, he is the proper authority to give us correct answer. Maoor Dal or for that reason Carrot or Soya Bean they are all vegetarian food. They are Lord Krsna's creation. How can you ban them for no logic reason.
    • Hare Krishna! I know many devotees who avoid to many high protien foods (especially Brahmacharies) because it can arouse sex desire in some peopole. Some say they feel no effect. So in that case it depends on the person. But the fact is Srila Prabhupada brought this Krishna Consciousness to the whole world. To say dont eat soy and high protein foods to those who where big meat eaters would be very difficult for some. Some of them feel they need high protein, as that is what their body is use to. We can understand how mercyful Srila Prabhupada is. If we say not this not that to everything then how can the whole world come. We have to not be fanatical and tell what is necessary for each individual. If we can avoid some of these things then very good. But we can still go back to Godhead even if we eat many of these things. Main thing is to always think of Krishna and never forget Him. Offer everything to Him. We avoid the few basic vegetables that Srila Prabhupada stresses (Onion, Garlic, Mushroom) and certain things on Ekadasi). Lets not scare the new devotees who may feel it is all to much to avoid all these unnecessary things.
      • @ mahesh kumar gandhi.prabhu,

        i m very much satisfy with ur reply,........there should have proper logic behind it..
    • it wd be nice to have an autorized answer.. i am not sure, but i have a vague memory about 'carrots' here being a mistranslation of 'radish'. and to add to this list.. i had heard once from a disciple of srila prabhupada that we shd not take the green brinjals ('eggplant' they call in in america).. never got to verify that though.. any light shed on this wd be helpful! It wd be nice to also find the original puranic ref. for that story about the cow's flesh.

      mahesh prabhu, pls excuse me for saying this, but in a vaishnava forum like this, we aspiring devotees wd do better not to throw words like 'childish' or 'How can you ban them for no logic reason.' I don't see anyone in this discussion trying to impose a ban upon you or anyone - it is a sincere enquiry, that's all. It wd be so much more palatable to, as my guru mahraj said, think ten times, think 100 times, how will the other person feel, before we speak... pls forgive me for saying this but may we all become more gentle in our speech and more loving in the art of communicating. Actually the internet, email and especially SMS are the worst means for personal communication. And we are a Personalist movement. So it is best i think to not unnecessarily get 'personal' in our remarks - lord krsna is very intolerant of any offence even to His most inignificant devotees.. wishing you all the best, i remain your humble servant, dina.
      • Hare Krishna!
        Yes I will also try to use more loving communication! I know I tend to be heavy on some topics! I appreciate your honesty and bringing up this point!
        Radhey Radhey!!
      • very usefull thanks prabhu
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