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    There are some goshalas which provides ahimsa milk and milk products.Shree Uttam maheshwari also provide such kind of milk products. There is a Pathamedha  goshala in Rajastan they are having more than 2 lacs cows and they are taken care very nicely.The milk and milk products  of that goshala are available in mumbai also.

    The best way to have milk is to have our own cow so that we can take care of her and serve  her nicely and can take her milk and offer it to krishna. From  my personal experience I can say that cows are very wonderfull animals very lovable and you will feel very nice in there presence I personally feel very relaxing in there presence. I suggest everyone if possible pleas try to keep one cow or if that is not possible try to visit near by goshala and feed them and see the effect. Cows are very dear to Lord Krishna

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      i wish i had such like chance also - to keep a cow and take care of her!!!!

      but what to do we stay in the middle of a huge city, but praying some day i will do so.

      Prabhu, please could You give detailed infos about those goshalas telephone numbers who provide pure cow milk to Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai or some other big cities so that Devotees know and get milk from them!

      It would be very helpful!

      Thank You so much!

      Your servant, 

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        Pathemedha goshal products are available at vile parle mumbai the number is 9167521008.Also the products are available on below mentione website for online purchase.

        The cow ghee is available in Radha Gopinath temple in mumbai from Goseva and from Shree Uttam maheshwari also

        For home delivery of Pathmedha goshala milk in mumbai can contact Ranga Prabhu on 7781852943.

        Below website is very helpfull for more information on cow protection and krishna consciouness

        Thank you


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          One more web site:

          Buy Pure Desi Cow Ghee @ VedicGiftShop


          Pure Desi Cow Ghee (clarified butter) prepared by vedic method from the milk obtained from indigenous breed of Gir cows. Desi ghee is suitable for,

          ● daily cooking

          ● offering in Yagna sacrifices or other religious purpose

          ● as a medicine to treat various debilitating diseases

          ● fit to be used in panchkarma therapy

          ● as nasal drops for improving sinusitis and eyesight.

          Pure Desi Cow Ghee is made of cow’s pure & fresh milk using the traditional standards, the cows are kept in a stress free environment. They are given fodder & concentrate produce of our own farmlands along with clean water to keep them in healthy state.

          Cow Ghee (Clarified Butter)
          Buy online Pure Cow Ghee (unsalted clarified butter), from native Indian Gir Breed. Mostly used in India for cooking recipes, baking or any ayurvedic…
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            my humble obeisances Gaur Gadadhar Prabhu, do You think is it possible for ISKCON farm communities in Gujarat distribute pure cow milk to big cities to Devotees in cities?

            As like Jainis people do, or other people do?

            What actions could be taken into process? can we create such like facilities within 1-2 years?

            Thank You!

            Your servant,

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            Thank You Prabhu!Such a nice shop web site. 

            And thanks to all those Devotees who a providing cow products to all of us!!!

            Your servant, 

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          oh thank You so much Prabhu!

          This means no paneer, no amul butter, no amul cheese. No lassi. No curd. 

          Your servant, 

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    His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada explained in several conversations or articles that cow protection is extremely important for human civilization and society. For Srila Prabhupada, it is impossible for human society to obtain happiness if cows or bulls are being slaughtered.

    Some quotes are given below:

    "This demonic world is the greatest enemy of cows. Just see how they are maintaining hundreds and thousands of slaughterhouse. Hundreds and thousands of slaughterhouse. Innocent animals, giving you milk, the most important foodstuff. Even after death, it is giving you its skin for your shoes, and you are so rascal that you are killing. And you want to be happy in this world. You see? How sinful they are! - Srila Prabhupada (Lecture, Srimad Bhagavatam, Los Angeles, May 5, 1973).

    "After good rains, the grazing ground for the animals was full of green pasture, and both the bulls and the cows sat down on the grass fully satisfied. The cows, followed by their calves, appeared tired of grazing because of full mik bags. Calmly and quietly the cows and calves rested and ruminated, chewing their cud. Protection and grazing ground for the cows are among the essential needs for society and the welfare of people in general. The animal fat required for the human body can be well derived from cow's milk. Cow's milk is very important for human energy, and the economic development of society depends on sufficient food grains, sufficient milk, and sufficient transportation and distribution of these products. Lord Sri Krsna, by His personal example, taught us the importance of cow protection, which is meant not only for the Indian climate but for all human beings all over the Universe."

    There are many other quotes on cow protection given by his divine grace Srila Prabhupada.

    His divine grace encouraged every devotee to contribute to maintenance and welfare of cows and bulls through gosalas. With gosalas, cow milk through violence will not happen and be an issue.


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    Hare Krsna Rajdeep,   please do not say this.     A KC person follows shastra and parampara and will not say such things.    Protection of mother cow and offering her milk and milk products for Krsna's pleasure is always followed in ALL the temples of ISKCON.    And  devotees everyday take great relish in accepting these offerings as the Lords prasadam.    This is done all over the world in all our temples and any temple of Krsna I have ever heard of.

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      Its very difficult situation to get milk which is purely organic ( no hormones injected to cows) and ethically (no machines used)coming from cows ,other than ISKCON gaushalas or some gaushalas from some other big temples or vaishana cow-mens, its very difficult to find such pure milk.

      Even villagers are expert now in injecting hormones for more production. Its not just about cities.

      At least in cities its controlled and checked.

      We eat honey (where many bees get killed), we eat plants (they are also living creature).

      The best way is to offer it to Krishna and take milk, that way at least we will not incur the sin of treating the cows badly.

      I am buying so called organic milk lately at the rate of 50rs per liter. Even if I believe its purely organic (no hormones), still i know they are milked via machines . They claim to treat cows nicely and let them free in pasture grounds. But who knows what's the truth is.

      But that doesn't mean I should stop drinking milk. what we can do is to keep looking around for honest and ethically good milkman around your area.

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