Why can't a Vegetarian diet include eggs?

Heh guys

Very new to the whole movement and learning every day. Forgive my ignorance but why can't you guys eat eggs?

I have been slowly converting to vegetarianism the more I read and understand but still have much to learn. I understand to an extent about Karma from eating animals but just wondering why the same applies from eggs? I am sure it is a simple answer but my understanding is limited.

Thanks very much in advance for taking the time to read my question.


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        • Thank you Bharat

          You have been most helpful :)

  • Ji prahbu Bharat Gee thank you for your good guidance.
  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    Reasons of karma etc are secondary.

    Primary reason for not eating eggs is strongly connected to the purpose of human form of life and purpose of our existence beyond human form of life.

    Purpose of human form of life is to improve the quality of consciousness. Food has an impact on our mind, body, activities etc. Egg is in mode of ignorance as it has a seminal/menstrual origin. Eating egg will degrade a person into mode of ignorance.

    As spiritual aspirants we intend to elevate our consciousness to mode of goodness and beyond. Hence it is better to eat foods in mode of goodness.But that is mode of goodness is not sufficient.

    Krsna says in BG

    If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it. (BG 9.26)

    Hence as spiritual aspirants we offer fresh hygenically prepared delicious food in mode of goodness to Krsna with a prayer of devotion, then Krsna accepts it out of kindness. The remnants of that offering when honoured with respect elevates our consciousness which the the goal of human form of life.

    Hare Krsna

  • hare krishna 

    every soul is on a path of evolution from lower to higher life forms, it is meant to be in a particular body for a certain time by laws of nature. when we kill a soul untimely, we disrupt it's evolutionary progress & it has to come back in a new life to complete it's time in that particular body. 

    now this may also be true when we eat plants. But there also, plants want you to eat the fruit (so seeds can spread). IN higher orders of human life, there are rules like eat only leaves fallen on ground, only grains fallen on field etc.. overall minimise eating so to cause min. violence.
    also it is mentioned in the Bhagavatam that plants lead a life of pain, so killing them may be doing them a favour.


    • Thankyou kindly for taking the time to reply to my question.

      This is something really important to me as I have been slowly changing my diet but have limited understanding still.

      Do you think an unfertilized egg from say a chicken would contain a soul? 

      (I understand a fertilized egg would as it then brings forth a chicken and hence life). An unfertilized egg really doesn't produce anything after it is laid, but if left un touched would just return back to the earth. 

      Thanks also for the information on plants as it is something else I have been pondering.

      I haven't found it very hard to stop eating meat however I am fearing my health won't be as good as I find I have to eat alot of carbohydrates now but I guess that is another topic...

      Thanks again for taking the time to respond. 

      Hope to hear back soon.

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