I recently visited Mayapur. Yes it is very crowded. However, I saw no reason for devotees to be so rude. Pushing and shoving other devotees right out of your way? Taking cuts in front of other devotees in the many lines that are formed in the Temple. I saw long lines and some devotees just went straight to the front of the big line and took cuts in front of the devotees who were patient and waiting their turn in line. I thought it was important to observe proper vaishnava etiquette when visiting the Dham?

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    • Hare Krishna Kamlesh Patel

      So very sad and so true!!! I was pushed so hard that I almost lost my balance and fell. I am  65 years old and have back problems. I also have osteoporosis which means that my bones can break easily. I will never return to Mayapur again. 

      • I am wondering what would happen if a brand "new visitor" to the Temple got pushed hard  and broke her hip? Would the "new visitor" be able to hire a lawyer to sue the Mayapur Temple for damages?

        • Sevak

          Hare Krsna 

          Would the "new visitor" be able to hire a lawyer to sue the Mayapur Temple for damages?

          May be. But It won't end with conviction for sure. 

          It is like trying to sue railway minister for some passenger pushing in train. 

          As far as crowd control is concerned, there are security personnel everywhere, literally everywhere and especially in crowded places. One shout and they will rush to the sport and look into the issue. 

          I also recently visited mayapur and saw crowd, I took my aged parents, but we were careful to avoid any possibilities of accidents. There were many instances where upon request additional assistance was readily provided for my parents upon request. 

          But I can agree on the crowd behavior. Most of them are not serious devotees, they are just visitors  so expecting vaishnav etiquette from outside crowds will meet disappointment. 

          Also this time of the year Mayapur will have maximum crowd. So, it won't be best experience for aged people. Instead of thinking of not visiting mayapur, you could consider not visiting in peak seasons, which is what I plan for my next visit with my parents.

          Peak seasons in Mayapur are one month before Gaur Purnima up to 10 days after Gaur Purnima. 

          Kartik month is also crowded. Weekends and festivals will have more crowd in general. If planned well during other seasons, you could have a much better experience spiritually and comfort wise. 

          Hare Krsna

          • Hare Krishna Bharat

            Thank you for your comments. Yes I agree. I don't think it would end with a conviction. Yes, I am glad that there are many guards. I wish they would assign even more guards. Wouldn't it be wonderful if each line in the Temple had it's own personal guard. I am so glad that your aged parents did not have any problems in Mayapur. Yes, I think your idea of not visiting Mayapur at peak season is a great idea.

            • E-Counselor

              Hare Krsna Mataji,


              Sorry for your bad experience. It happens in crowded people. My parents have also faced similar situation.

              Off season in Mayapur is - the day of Gundica Marjana - the day before Ratha Yatra, the period of ratha yatra, the time of Kumbh mela was also relatively empty in Mayapur this year. Maybe you could plan your next trip accordingly.


              Your servant,

              Radha Rasamayi DD

              • Hare Krishna Mataji

                Thank you for your comments.

            • Sevak

              Hare Krsna 

              More importantly visiting Mayapur in off-season is good idea for aged devotees.

              Hare Krsna

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