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I have heard that if someone is chanting 16 rounds a day that they have previous experience with Krishna Consciousness and have bathed in all the holy rivers etc. Why then when I got my Vedic astrology reading done they said that this is my very 1st time exposure to Krishna Consciousness.

So who is correct in this matter?

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  • Thanks to all of you wonderful Prabhus. I am so glad to hear that Patraka dasa is doing well in Oregon.
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    I agree with Manoj Prabhu. If you stay focused on Krishna (Light) and Rahu or even Maya (Shadow) cannot touch you.

    Be sure to avoid the well know 10 offenses against the Holy Names, which you can find on this site or google for Harinama cintamani pdf
    • This is very correct, and is the secret that only serious Vaishnavas know. But never underestimate Rahu - in an instant, he can overwhelm the mind of even the most serious devotee, but only in that instant when he/she forgets Krsna.  

  • You are speaking of Patraka das a.k.a Robert Koch, he has become a world renowned astrologer and jyotish guru and you can find him and his fantastic intermediate treatise on the sublime science of jyotish online.. i suggest a google search. He currently lives in Bend, Oregon.
    • Unfortunately Patraka has serious problems in in KC now and stopped chanting japa over 15 years ago.

      • Wow, you sound like my biographer, Somayaji! No really, I take no offense, but am intrigued about how you portend to know so much about me.  "Serious problems"?  I don't think so.....

      • Sorry to hear that Patraka is no longer chanting japa.

        • Yes it is unfortunate. He said that chanting japa is just for sannyasis, and that now for him jyotish is his sadhana. I like astrology but it is a material subject, albiet the supreme material scien

          • This is interesting, Somayaji, that you seem to know so much about me, yet I don't even know who you are. Perhaps a friend from way back, using a devotee name that I am not familiar with? Anyway, my spiritual sadhana is strong, maybe more than it ever was, and how that is, or specifically how many rounds I chant, is really no one's business but is between my guru and me. 

            Yes, Jyotish is one of six Vedangas and is said to be the "eye of the Veda", and so can be an indisputable guide when considering how to navigate the vicissitudes of maya that confront us. Jyotish is indeed therefore a sadhana and should not be considered just 'astrology.' The great treatise "Brihad Parasara Hora Shastra" in fact, in which all the tenets of Jyotish are exhaustively explained, emanated from the mind of Parasara Muni, the father of Vyasadeva. So the great science should not be underestimated or marginalized.  

            Anyway, good luck with your advancement in Krsna Consciousness, and thank you for your comments.

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    Dear devotee Hare Krsna,  The astrologer may well be 100% correct.  You are very fortunate to have your faith awakened.  You may be just coming in this life for the first time by the mercy of the devotees who have given books and sanga etc and you are getting the causeless mercy of Lord Chaitanya.            The statements in the shastra mean that you do not need to take bath in all Holy rivers etc because by the chanting of Hare Krsna you have passed that stage of advancement.    It is like a greatly wealthy person just picked you and now you have been given a scholarship into a top university although you came from a poor village with only basic education.   You are accepted as if you already have gone through all requirements to enter the university.    So take full advantage of this rare opportunity, be serious and go back home back to Godhead in this one life.   Hare Krsna             

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