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I have heard that if someone is chanting 16 rounds a day that they have previous experience with Krishna Consciousness and have bathed in all the holy rivers etc. Why then when I got my Vedic astrology reading done they said that this is my very 1st time exposure to Krishna Consciousness.

So who is correct in this matter?

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  • There is a incident in the life of Ramanuja when the Chola princess was attacked by a brahma raksasa. The guru of Ramanuja, Yadhava Prakasa who was an expert mantravadi was called in to exorcise the the princess. In the course of the proceedings the Brahma Raksasa told Yadava Prakasa that in his last life he (Yadava Prakasa) was a crocodile, but one time some vaisnavas came to wash their hands and mouth after eating the mahaprasada of Lord Visnu, and that some of the remnants of this mouth washing was swallowed by the crocodile. And, because it was Visnu prasada in the next life the crocodile was born as an exalted brahmana. Yadava Prakas was the teacher of Ramanuja and eventually a disciple of Ramanuja.

    The point being that he came into contact with KC for the first time in his previous life as a crocodile by inadvertently coming in contact with prasadam.

    The whole material world is the mercy of Lord Krsna. It is a big insane asylum and Krsna is the doctor Who is curing us all from our madness. And, He goes to all kinds of lengths to drag us back to Him. He sends Tulsi devi, arranges for sacred rivers, and sadhus to comes, and He comes Himself or sends representatives etc who somehow come in contact with conditioned souls.

  • ps...there is a star up there that is your higher luminary as well. One that is your consciousness, one you are directly connected to...besides being connected to everything of course.

  • a good astrologer will never tell you your future or how you will die, etc.... A good astrologer will use the power of self reference and symbolism to have you learn and develop yourself. I personally would be aware of any astrologer that uses absolutes. Besides both west and vedic astrology have some inconsistencies. They have not been synthesized yet and that would be very hard to do. It relies a lot on intuition. The luminaries are mostly karmic, you can ascend your stars.

    • You said "a good astrologer will never tell you your future or how you will die, etc" I disagree. What is the point of astrology if they don't. This is coming from Western school of psychological astrology where they don't know how to make predictions.

      Prabhupada went to several astrologers they predicted many things accurately about his future. And, in 1977 he contacted several astrologers to find out when he would die. Only one, Ojha, accurately predicted when Srila Prabhupada would die.

      Here is a good article about how to choose a good astrologer

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    As you are aware, the soul moves in 84 lakh species till it becomes fully Krsna Conscious and therefore eligible to go back to Godhead. Now to answer your question of how a soul comes to Krsna Consciousness for the first time - it is the accumulation of agyaat sukriti - pious acts committed over a lot of lifetimes, alongwith mercy of pure devotee, that a soul comes to KC or moves towards self realisation for the first time in so many births.

    As you are aware, bathing in holy rivers is also considered a pious act. That is independent of whether you are Krsna Conscious or not. It can even be an accidental act. Therefore, it is possible that the soul has taken bath in all the holy rivers over some lifetimes, for which finally you are getting the benefit in the form of being able to chant 16 rounds in a day.

    I hope I have answered your question and not confused you further.


    Your servant,


    • There is also the causeless mercy of the devotees who give the fallen souls mercy, the punya they never had.

  • So are you saying that a person can never be exposed to KC for the first time? That doesn't make sense does it?

    • All living entities are definitely fully KC originally..

      In this sense it means that there's no first time but awakening of dormant KC..

      • Then what is the need for us to go out and preach?

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    what is astrology?

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