Tulasi Neck Beads

Hare Krishna, dear devotees.

> Question: Is it all right to give tulasi neck beads to relatives, friends or congregational members, even though they do not follow the four regulative principles? I've heard that only "full-time" devotees can wear Tulsi, but then it would be difficult to tell people why they can't wear it.

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    • It is funny, but not a single devotee out of dozens of comments has quoted from sastra or a statement from Srila Prabhupada about how many strands of Tulsi beads we should be wearing around our necks. Gadadhar das Prabhu, you have stated :" they should only wear on strand of beads. Three or more strands (odd number) is for initiated devotees only. Try for that standard at least if possible."

      I think by "on strand of beads" it is a typo and you meant "one strand of beads". I remember that standard back in the day, but where is Prabhupada quoted as saying that or where is that found in any sastra like Hari Bhakti Vilas on Vaisnava standards?

      I have never found a quote on this.

      Also <<<Three or more strands (odd number) is for initiated devotees only>>>  Please give a quote for that. We must not quote casually but give authoratative quotes to back up our statements

    • Guar, why only wear 1 strand of tulsi beads? i hve 2 strands and plan on getting some more.
      the iskcon temple i got them from sells all types of tulsi beads... If someone's wearing the beads and they
      pass away should they be removed?
      • My fiance put tulasi beads around the neck of his father after he had passed away, and gently pushed tulasi leaves down his throat.

        Hare Krsna
        • bhaktin carol,
          for your father's passing and placing the tulasi in his throat is fine.I was speaking of cremation.
          My dearest friend Mary made arrangements to be cremated not hve a funeral.So tht's my question about the tulasi bead necklace she wears.
      • Volunteer
        One Prabhupada disciple described to me how when her mother was dying she put tilak on her mother's body, ganga jal in her mouth and tulsi beads around her neck. She said her mother was an atheist so I asked her why she did all that. She said, "I was trying to fool the Yamaduttas."
  • Tell them, "Wearing tulsi has lot of spiritual significance. It helps us in pure bhakti to Lord Krishna. Tulsi is pure & we are impure. We should respect tulsi. Hence its best that we follow regulative principles and have a knowledge of Bhakti before wearing it. So please chant Hare Krishna mahamantra and follow the four regulative principles so that you too can start becoming pure and can wear tulsi".
    • I wear the tulsai beads around my neck... I was told tht they'd protect me when i die...I also wear a silver charm tht has the holy dust from Krishna's birthplace. I got these from the iskcon temple in los angeles,california when i was there for last sunday's feast
    • Thanks a lot to ISKCON desire tree network for exellant guidence !!!
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