This is very important.

Why devotees are so puffed up and parroting the swamis and quotes of others that most purana's are not for us/less important or even to be ignored. In ALL the purana's Krishna is telling all sorts of stuff for us to know, and no, not only for Kali Yuga. The biggest mistake is to censor them and only read Bhagavad Purana/Bhagavatam. Shure that purana tells us the core, but not in detail and explenations why things wich is said in Bhagavad purana is so important due what. I kinda dislike the way devotees talk about it, it hurts a lot! Krishna and His sevants who telling the purana's or are mentioned in them are never to be shut up or put away to keep the world in the dark!

What I see is; that it is easy to keep people/devotees away from such gems as purana's. Like the Catholic system, the Pope only decides what is important and in the past it was for the public not needed to read and especially not read the holy scriptures, that was only for the elite believersaround the pope! I see the smae happening now in ISKCON. Everyone I speak censor me telling me; lkeave the purana's, only Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavatam, it contains everything! Yes and no. Yes it summs up the conclusion of all, no it leaves you in speculation and inmagination. Only by lectures you know some, SOME backgroung. And thoose who give lectures DO read and study purana's to give details on the Gita and Bahgavatam. It is not fair in that matter to say; leave the purana's.

I know where it came from.

You have to accept a bonifide master and learn all from him the scriptures. And in Kali Yuga of quarrel even devotees try to trespass this and out of pride and parrotting tell , no no no no purana's. Selfstudy is prohibited in a way yes in the scriptures. There is the contradiction. That is why the purana's in the West are not marked very acient. Some scolars claim they are a made up in recent era and not millions and billions ago. While Krishna told them to the first man how odd. Well by parampara/teacher on student it is told, yes TOLD! There you have it! But due the corse of time teachers became less and all is written down for all to read. Well not true it seems. That it is written down not means it is for all to read. Is the core of the messsege of ISKCON devotees who tell me; DO NOT READ OTHER PURANA'S THAN BHAGAVAD PURANA! The reason and only reason is preseveation of the legacy of Srila Prabhupada, wich is correct! He enchewd the Bhagavatam by comments wich is for us to understand. But still, his comments are his point of view mixed by time&his successors. The core text as they are/ plain text without comments must never ever be censored. If you do it stated; you are never edgeble to do any religious or progress towards Krishna or say end of samsara! 

So best is to read all the purana's in the spirit of Srila Prabhupada's coments. How? In every purana is the same structure and sommun bonnum core stories. Each purana in it's own point of view with sometimes more, sometimes less information or explaination details. You even could merge all the purana's in one gaint book (like it was at the beginning of time) than you will see the complete story of everything what is to be known to go to Krishna and stop rebirth. Wich is the core of the matter. As simple as that. Not longlivity, not health of material body, not enjoyments but train the soul to detach from the material matter and its mindgames. The most deathly mindgame is that others try to stop you from reading and most important , realisation of the purana's. 

I understand that the agenda of organisations is to survive and proclaim their intrests. In the end it is survive of the fittest, certainly in economical prespective. All paraphanellia of worship from the simple hand of water, ghee, deiteis or temple etc is in this material world still bound to monatary funds, so politics. The most deathly combination is politics with religion. What is more important is selfrealisation due study and devotional intrest. The grey line what devotion, slavery or greed is , is very, very thin! Kama makes the world, breaks the world, or say love. Fact is; devotional service to Krishna is also serve the servants of Krishna onconditional. Onconditional service is better than love. Love in this world means something in return. However the mind is in want while the soul is fully satisfied and do NOT NEED ANYTHING! It is already in communion with Krishna! but due our mindgames, 2 modes of nature wich ends often in greed and wants we never do things onconditional.

Very simple fact of me; I can't work, live under poverty standard according to govenment rules of income, but still maintain the altar and all deities plus buy all the paraphanellia and purana's to read. Why? It is the duty to get rid of maya/ illusion money is not important, selfrealisation is! It is not nesccery to be old or healthy as long you can remember Krishna and realize you are the soul not the body! Why to run after wars, gedits, political statements/leaders and fashion? The bills must be paid in a way yes, but on what effort and waht bills are important to you, no to Krishna conciousness! Why a new car, phone new this or that? Purana's are many and no need to watch the newest sitcom or movie on tv! All drama, sports, wars and knowledge is in the purana's as well entertainment. Wrinten in detail, even better than any nowadays plots of movies! Bonus they keep you on the right path of devotional service and back to Godhead!

So kindly think about this all purana's are eternal time goes fast, in your next life than you have time to study onwards if not yet realized them all.

Hare Krishna!  

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  • Hare krsna prabhu, this is kripa marg ..80% mercy and 20 % your sadhana, so if you think by reading you are gonna get kripa , go on reading. BUT KET TO SUCCESS IS" MAHAD PAD RAJO ABHISHEKAM", dust of vaishnavas feet, "Shuddha bhakt charan renu" -A good vaishnava song dont miss it. Name ruchi, jiver doya and vaishnav seva mahaprabhu told this, initially by reading books you might be tempted to chant but during later years many devotees loose taste in chanting because of vaishnav apradhs, that time you need mercy and dust of lotus feet of (advanced)vaishanavs only. 

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